Monday, March 9, 2015

You Can't Pick and Choose

Hey Family!

Well, this week was crazy! I felt like we were so busy and doing so much yet got nothing done. Don't know how that works but it is okay!

So our investigators--I am so close to Quinten and Sister Capshaw and we have been having some amazing lessons with them. They are definitely going to be the people I miss the most when I leave Paris. I love them and there is so much potential for Quinten. They are amazing! We call Sister Capshaw "Mama Capshaw" haha.

Karen is doing well. We had the most calm and not contentious lesson I have ever had with her in my life. We talked about prayer and it was good. I still feel like she is trying to pick and choose what she wants but we will see how it goes. She has a huge issue with authority right now. She doesn't think it's necessary. If you have the Holy Ghost then you don't need authority, you just need the spirit. Which I know sounds simple when I say it to you guys but in lessons with her, it is so hard to make that point because she just idk...the way she is I guess.

Rosa--we might have to have the drop talk. We go over every Monday, Friday, and Saturday and she was asleep both Monday and Friday and just didn't answer the door on Saturday. She needs to decide if this is something she really wants to make a part of her life. We are going to share President Holland's talk "If You Love Me" and see what it is she wants.

WE GOT IN TOUCH WITH DUSTY AND BRIANNA so we are now teaching them again. Yay! Dusty got really sick so she was praying for the first time in a month, because she was mad at God, and guess who knocked on the door? We did! Miracles.

This week was weird. I now only have two weeks left. Crazy!!! I am just trying to enjoy every minute of my life until I come home and then enjoy it even more! Life is so good. I love my Heavenly Father so much.

Love - Sister Lundskog
Reunited with Sister Robertson

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