Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Dear Family,

Well, this week was crazy! We got hit with so much snow! So lets see, Saturday night it started snowing and didn't stop until like 11:00 on Sunday. Church was definitely cancelled this week which was a bummer!

Tracting with Sister Uta'i
The highlight of this week is probably the zone leader training we had. We had to head up to the stake center. The trainings were amazing and it was great to get to see everyone. But, unfortunately, they left time for the soon-to-be-departing missionaries to bear their testimonies. That was really hard cause I feel like that isn't me, but it is! Crazy.

We had a super hard lesson with Karen this week. It was super beneficial but super difficult. We kind of had a heart to heart with her. This week she got sick and so a member and his wife and kids came and gave her a blessing. She had a lot a lot of questions about the priesthood and, pretty much, authority doesn't matter to her. She doesn't understand why we keep trying to prove our authority which was weird because she was super hung up on finding out how Lehi had authority to leave Jerusalem, you know? She then just started bashing on the members and was just so unkind and so I just had to stand up to her. It was cool to see that she realized that she is seeking perfection and not opening her heart to accepting everything. We told her this isn't a pick and choose, it's all or nothing. So then we get a text from her on Sunday. She went to Indiana to visit her daughter (who is a member) and the missionaries came over. They gave her an object lesson and then invited them to go out with them and visit and tract and contact referrals. Karen said she has a LOT  to tell us and it sounds like she has had some breakthroughs so we will see what happens. Brother Randolph told me that before I leave Karen has to commit to baptism because he believes I'm the one who can help her. I don't know about that but I do know we are helping her come closer to God day by day.

We had a chili cook off this week as a branch! That was super fun and really good. Lots of members came, too, so it was good to see branch support! We tried to get gators to come but everyone was busy.

Rosa is doing really well. She has been studying all week to pass her GED tests. She passed three of them this week!!! So that was awesome and she will be able to focus more time on studying the scriptures and coming to church. I was really bummed that church was cancelled this week. We had a member lesson with Rosa, though, and talked about Prophets and it was so cool to see because she wants to go to Salt Lake and see and hear them live. It's cool to see people change and to grow.

We went tracting this week in a little town called Vermillion. It was 16 degrees that day and super windy so we about died haha. We had to take breaks in the car so we could thaw before we went back out.

Saturday was super fun because we got to do a bunch of service. We helped the Capshaws rearrange their whole living room and then we helped Rosa rearrange her house. A lot of manual labor picking up couches and TVs and stuff. I LOVED IT. It felt really good.

Anyway, it is crazy to know that we just finished one week. It flew by! But I am just so grateful for another week to serve my Heavenly Father. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful and warm week :)

Sister Lundskog

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