Monday, February 9, 2015

Time to Leave It All on the Floor

Dear Family,

Well, it is official. Today I am starting my last transfer as a missionary. I will be staying here in Paris to complete my mission and I am getting Sister Utah'i and I am so excited. I served around her when I was in Fulton and it should be a really good transfer.

Rosa has set a baptismal date for April 30th so we are going to keep working with her. We got to help her start making those life changing habits so she feels ready when the time comes to make that covenant with Heavenly Father. Rosa is awesome.

We had one of the most amazing lessons with Karen I have ever had in my life and it was the greatest testimony builder that when we do all that we can, Heavenly Father will step in and do the rest for us. I studied like crazy for Karen and Karen is studying just as much. So last email I said Ephesians 4 but I meant chapter 3 too. haha Sorry, I didn't have my scriptures. But I am telling you right now I can't even tell you what I said to her and I don't even think I was even fully comprehending what we were talking about but the spirit took over and I was able to answer things I didn't even know the answer to. I think we helped her see and that in some way, at least, she is thinking it could be possible. Not that she has left her ideas of oneness but that the possibility is open that we could be right. She brought up the transfiguration with Peter, James, and John with Christ and we talked how God has a body and, man, it was the coolest thing. I think the reason why people get scared of Karen is that she is scary to argue with but she just gets defensive because no one likes to not understand something or to feel that they are wrong, you know? Humans don't like feeling weak. I can definitely attest to that. I am just so grateful we never gave up on her because I have never seen Heavenly Father's love for an investigator of mine as I have seen for Karen.
Karen and I
We also had a cool lesson with Quinton and his mom. His mom is a member that has not attended church in awhile and she is awesome. Quinton is 19 and has had a crazy hard life. I can not even begin to imagine what he has been through. It is really funny, too, because we think so much alike. The other day in our lesson he said exactly the same thing as I had said to Sister Rouse the other day when talking about relationships with people. We showed him the video, "Hope of God's Light" and I feel like the lesson was for me as well. It felt so good to testify that our prayers are answered and that the miracles aren't the angels and lightning bolts but the simple tender mercies He puts into the details of our lives. WE ARE SO LOVED.

I got to go to Tuscola on Monday and say bye to Sister Webb. It's crazy that today they are flying home and next it will be me. I don't know if I am ready but honestly I don't think I will ever be ready. So thank goodness for the Savior. He made an eternal promise to always be by our side and He has not failed me once. I am so blessed.
Sister Webb is to my right and Sister Rouse is on my left
Well, that's about all that happened this week. It was actually a very rough week. But, hey, it builds character right? There are always good things to come and oh how much I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do with me this last transfer. I guess this is it, time to leave it all on the floor, right? Go out with a bang knowing I was fearless and I endured to the end.

I love you all so much.

Sister Lundskog
My district

Sister Rouse & I on a Pday

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