Monday, February 2, 2015

Answers Can Be Found in the Scriptures

Dear Family!

Can you believe it? It is February! Two months till I come home but don't worry, I am not even focusing on that. It is just crazy how time flies. Okay so this week was crazy but first I want to tell you about this crazy experience I had with Heavenly Father.

We had a lesson with Karen and she used the Book of Mormon against us to try to prove her point about oneness with the godhead. She used the first couple of verses in Mosiah 15. So I was super disheartened, right? Not because I believed her but because I was frustrated that God wasn't there to help us. We had no response. Her argument was clear and she backed it up with our own Book of Mormon! So I went home determined to find an answer, if not for her then for me. So during studies I started looking up all the scriptures on the character of God. I read in Ephesians Chapter 4. And let me tell you, I have never received an answer from a prayer so clearly and so powerfully as what is written in that chapter. Read it, it is so clear it's not even funny. Everyday this week no matter if I'm searching for an answer or just reading, I have received more and more evidence of the individuality of the Godhead. HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES US! But Karen, I don't know what it is but I love her. As difficult as she is and as hard as she fights us, I can see her changing and I can see her growing. She wants to know the truth so badly. She came to church this Sunday and totally surprised us. She said she felt moved by the spirit. It was such a cool experience. It was fast and testimony meeting so she got to hear people share from their hearts what means the most to them and no one can argue that. She is changing and just think of the joy she will have and others will have who don't give up on her when she finds whatever it is she is looking for! Those are the people that we see the true miracles of God at work. Not in the golden investigators but those who fight and argue and challenge every thing because it means so much and because it is everything to them. I am so grateful for Karen because she has pushed me to KNOW my Savior, to really know Him.

On a fun note, we were trying to find this house way out in the the middle of nowhere...seriously like in the middle of nowhere. Well, we couldn't find it so we started heading to our next appointment in Marshall and as we are coming to the highway we see this big sign that says: "WELCOME TO ILLINOIS". haha We had left the mission!!! We laughed so hard and it was a total accident but, hey guys, I've been to Indiana :)

We got two new referrals this week!! That was exciting!

We finally got into a lot of less actives' homes that we have been trying to visit for so long. It was a awesome. Also, we had an amazing lesson with Sister Capshaw and her son, Quinton (he is 19 and not a member but the missionaries used to teach him). Seriously it was the coolest lesson I have had in a long time. We are going to start teaching him which is exciting. Also, Rosa is praying about a baptismal date for now! Well, praying if she should bump it up because she has a date set for July 4th when a member who is related to her can come baptize her but I think she is ready now.

Super disappointed in the Seahawks.

Pretty much life is good and I know that there are always GOOD THINGS TO COME.

Love you all so much,

Sister Lundskog

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