Monday, January 5, 2015

I Love the Lord For Loving Me

Dear Family-

What a week! Well, it's already the beginning of week two for this transfer. This week we spent a lot of time saying goodbye to people for Sister Willmore. I know this transfer was really hard but I did gain an appreciation for who Sister Willmore is. I know God had me serve with her so I could learn the lessons I needed and I do wish that I had loved her a little more. But, all is well and we move forward. I now have Sister Rouse. It has been good. I am a little nervous for this transfer just because of the differences between her and me. This week has been a very good week. You can already feel just this change in the branch's attitude with the way Sister Rouse and I have interacted with them. She and I are both on the same page. We agree that it is all about the people, LOVE THE PEOPLE. So we are already seeing a change in everyone and I can just feel miracles coming on. I think the Lord is ready to bless Paris.
Sister Willmore & I on Christmas eve in our PJs mom sent.
The black shirts were in the wash

Christmas eve in our house with the presents
We got some snow yesterday and today it is 10 degrees outside. Our high on Wednesday is supposed to be -1 so will you all please pray for me that I don't die! That would be very appreciated!

What I learned this week:
A couple of Sundays ago Brother Randolph said something when he was bearing his testimony. He said "I love the Lord so much for loving me." I feel like that really hit home with me, not just this past week  but this transfer. I think it was the most wonderful blessing to be able to be part of the "He is the Gift" program with the church. I spent everyday bearing testimony of my Savior. I realized this Sunday that as missionaries we bear testimony all the time and until now I didn't realize how routine my testimony had become. It hit me during church this Sunday how much more feeling there is in my testimony, how unique testimonies are to each person I am talking to. Not that there wasn't meaning in them before but that I allowed Christ to be the center of attention in my life everyday for a month. Every time I passed out 300 cards with his picture. I realized how much he loves me, even when I am inadequate or don't do my best or am not the most Christlike. He still loves me. What's crazy is he loves everyone the same amount. He loves me when someone slams a door in my face or when a companion tears me down. But knowing that he still loves that person behind that door and that companion as much as he loves me...I have no idea where I would be without my Savior. This morning we were able to attend seminary and share our decision to serve a mission. I realized that this is what the Lord had in store for me all along and when I wandered from that plan, He sent me a Savior. How blessed am I to have a brother who loves me so much he was willing to give me all he had just to make sure I NEVER felt alone. I am so loved and I just want you all to know... I LOVE THE LORD SO MUCH FOR LOVING ME.

Love you.

Sister Lundskog
A sunset in Paris, Illinois

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