Monday, December 22, 2014

My Investigators

Dear Family-

Well, this week has come and gone. We worked hard and tried to do our best with the little area we have here to tend in Paris.

It was hard to visit with investigators this week. One, because it's almost Christmas and two, everyone is getting super sick. So that was a bummer. It was freezing this week and if the forecast is accurate we should have a white Christmas. Anyway just real quick I'll tell you who all my investigators are:

Dusty and Brianna: Dusty is the mom and Brianna is 13. They live in a small town called Kansas that we cover. They are very poor and have no car and there is only one other member that lives in Kansas. So the hardest thing has been getting them to church; one for rides and two because Dusty doesn't feel ready. But they are doing great.

Rosa: She is the one that had a baptismal date but has been hit with a ton of medical problems and has had to go in for a lot of surgery. She also has a lot of drama with her family and no support from them either. So we have postponed her date just to help her get her life settled so she can make an honest and ready commitment to the Lord. She is about 23, I think, and awesome. She is sassy and has a lot of personality.

Karen: She lives in a town called Marshall that we go to once a week. She is extremely smart which makes teaching her a little difficult sometimes. She knows her bible backwards and forwards and she has investigated so many religions that sometimes it is hard to teach her because she doesn't have a solid foundation for where her truth comes from. Does that make sense? She mixes up a lot of religions. Last time we met I got in a huge debate with her about the trinity. She believes they are all one. Haha, it's okay, we are just both very red personalities and I respect her a lot. She is investigating cause her daughter in India just got baptized so I don't really know what her motives are behind everything...if this is just fun and informational, you know?

Tena: So I love Tena. She is in her late 40s. She is a little bit out there with some of her beliefs sometimes but she wants to be baptized sooo bad. Right now her family life is just crazy. She is super poor and her kids are making a lot of poor choices. She has had a lot of heartache in her life. We just need to teach her the lessons again and make sure she understands everything and help her get to church and then she can get baptized. I don't what it is but I just love her. She has such an amazing spirit about her.

Brittany: She is a new investigator and we haven't really sat down with her yet. She is way cool though. She is really interested in God. She is in her 20's and she has a little girl who is super cute! She lives in super poor circumstances right now as well and has a lot of family issues so she is just trying to sort that out.

Paris is a super poor area and so that is really hard to overcome lately with all the difficulties that come with a low income lifestyle and just a lot of problems with families. Almost everyone we teach is having some issue with a member of their family so that has been really difficult. Anyway, this week I got asked to give a talk this Sunday. That made church a little different for Christmas and I was really nervous and was up till midnight Saturday night trying to get it all figured out. I think it went alright. I felt like it was more for me than for anyone else but I guess that is how it works sometimes. This was a rough but good week... gained a lot of patience with my companion. Just worked my absolute hardest and I am praying we start to see some miracles in this area.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Remember what it's really all about. Can't wait to skype! Love you with all my heart.

Sister Lundskog

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