Monday, October 20, 2014

Investigators and Tender Mercies

Dear Family-

This has been such a great week! Definitely did some growing, a lot of growing but it has been a good experience for me. You asked me to talk a little more about my investigators so you can know what I am doing out here.

So first is Carolyn. Carolyn has a baptismal date for November 15th but she still hasn't come to church yet. She is an extremely intelligent lady and she is crazy! But I love it. I always walk away learning something new. We are just trying to help her take the testimony she has and turn it into conversion. Help her take her faith and turn it into action.

Howard is doing awesome. We had a lesson with him this week. Actually, he is praying for a baptismal date. We taught the word of wisdom and he was like "I am 76 years old and I sure love my coffee and tea." We are working with helping him gain a testimony of the things God asks us to do, sometimes when it doesn't make sense. We invited him as Alma did to experiment on the Lord's words. So pray that he can see the Lord's hand in his life because it is there. We just sometimes miss it.

Next is Stephen who is way awesome. He is pretty much a Mormon already haha. He comes to church and he is now teaching us the lessons but until he can find acceptance from his parents he can't move forward. He went and saw "Meet the Mormons" with our new ward mission leader, Brother B, and his wife. He loved it and his goal is to get his parents to go see it! So pray that his parents will soften their heart to Stephen's desire to come closer to Christ.

And last is Barry. We haven't seen Barry in awhile but he is just starting the lessons so we are planning on teaching him lesson 2 on the plan of salvation this week. I am excited and I think it will answer a lot of his questions. He has a lot of questions!

I forgot to tell you that I got to see "Meet the Mormons" at mission conference! It was awesome. The football coach was my favorite. What was your guys' favorite? It had so many views here that they extended it for another week!

Brother B is part of the interfaith group at Westminster College and he invited us to be there for his presentation on Mormons. He did an amazing job; he is a really good member missionary! He had to work really hard to get permission for us to come and it is really funny cause people don't really understand what proselyting is. They were like "Ya but they can't bash any religions." Who has ever been successful in proselyting by bashing other religions? Anyway, they couldn't grasp the concept but they let us come and just be there so that was cool. They then brought three of their friends (who were all at the presentation) to church! Woohoo!!

Christopher dropped us this week. Sad day but it's okay cause he has to be there to support his family right now. They are going through a rough time but he still is an awesome guy and has a very open heart so in time the Lord will provide a way.

What I learned this week:
Something I have been doing every night is writing down a tender mercy I had seen that day. Part of the reason I was doing this was to start trusting in my Father in Heaven. I realized that the trust issues that I have been trying to work through somehow have included my Father in Heaven. So I sought to find His hand everyday in my life and as I was able to see Him truly there everyday it helped me realize that He IS there everyday. Sometimes we can't always see Him. Trust me...there are some days when my tender mercy was that I woke up that morning. It was that bad of a day haha. But the Lord is very aware of us and Satan will do anything to make us feel insignificant or small and unimportant to the world and to our God. But I have learned that we are such fools to every believe something so silly as that. He created us, and He is doing all in His power to remind us how much He loves us.

I love you guys and I can't wait to hear from you next Monday. Have a wonderful week and don't forget how important you are to God and to me!

Love you-

Sister Lundskog

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