Monday, August 18, 2014

"These Kinds of Things Just Don't Happen!"

Dear Family-

I really need to start writing lists again of what happens in my week that I need to tell you about because when I sit down at the computer I don't remember anything at all. I want to start out this email with good news first because this is the only news that really matters about my week.

We had two miracles happen this week. Woohoo! This has been such a have no idea! We found two new gators! We went back on Thursday for our appointment with Natalie. She is the girl we found with Jaycee on the mini missions. We had Sister Snipes come with us and we got to their house and they were waiting for us out on the porch. We had a lesson with her and her boyfriend. First off, my teaching is super rusty but, thank goodness, we rely on the spirit and not ourselves, right? It was just an awesome lesson and her boyfriend the whole time was saying "Ya, I'm diggin this!" It was just really cool to see how open their hearts were. They weren't wanting us to baptize them or anything but there are so may good people out there who just want more of Christ's light in their life. They don't even know that they do but they do. Anyway, the best part was at the end of the lessons (we had handed each of them a Book of Mormon), Tobey (the boyfriend) asked if he could keep it. Natalie said, "No way, that is theirs?" and we replied "Yes, you can. These books are yours. We brought them just for you." Tobey was like RIGHT ON! Natalie looked so touched that we would let them have them. It was just a really cool experience. Miracles, I am telling you, are everywhere!

Second miracle. There is an Elder from the Jackson Ward serving in Arizona right now. He sent me an email a week or two ago with ten names of friends that he wanted us to contact. So, Sister Hansen and I have been working hard to contact all these names. But, it has been almost impossible since we can only get out to Chaffee once a week and they are all college kids with crazy schedules. Anyway, Sister Hansen was like "Let's just text them all and if they don't respond we can give them a call and still keep trying to see them." So we text them all. The next day we get a seven page text message from one of them. This is what it said: "I don't want to bombard you all so I was wondering if it would be a big deal if I had a couple of my friends with me when we meet? We all want a better understanding of the message that you all are sharing. Me and my friends are followers of Christ and would love to listen and discuss things as well. I don't want you all to feel overwhelmed or bombarded that's why I was giving you a heads up and wondering if that would be alright. You can bring more than just yourselves too if you would like. I think it would be a great thing."

These kinds of things just don't happen! It was the greatest day ever and we got another response from one of his friends that talked about how he is sick of being stuck around kids that just don't care. It is all about the parties and the drinking and there is nothing to their lives. It is cool to see, especially kids my age, that really do want to have Christ in their life. They want a purpose and they want to have a life that is full of something so much more. It was such a blessing to have that this week and we will be meeting with them tomorrow and I am really excited!

It is funny because Sister Hansen and I were talking about how we work all day. We are out long hours tracting and trying to contact people and we are usually not finding any success at all. But, for some reason, the more we work the more referral we have from people. We received ten referrals from the Elder in Arizona and he sent me three more today. There was a guy who is only going to be in this area for two weeks who is selling Direct TV and he found three people for us. We have had three other members give us referrals to try and contact this week and they know that we are coming. We are swimming in referral right now and are trying to stay on top of everything so we don't lose anyone. But, hey, I am not complaining! Sometimes I wish we could find some people for once. But, we are trying!

Brother SC cancelled on us again this Sunday. The "B's" are back in town and we were really excited to see them. This coming week should be a good week. On Saturday, our zone is doing what they call "the Great American Cape Crew Odyssey" which translates to all cars being parked for that day and all we are supposed to be doing is finding. Well, this is much different than we do any other day but now we don't get breaks in our air conditioned car. All is well. Transfer calls are this week and I am really nervous to see what happens but it will be good I hope! I got absolutely eaten alive by bugs this week so my legs are gross.

We went to this restaurant called Lambert's. If you ever come with me to visit my mission I'll have to take you there. They are known for their rolls and they throw them to you. Yep, they throw rolls at you and you have to catch them. It's a BBQ place but like good BBQ, not western BBQ. It's cool cause the place is just covered in license plates and cool photos and their is a shirt and a tie with a ton of missionaries names on them that you can sign and they hang it up in their restaurant for us. I got a shirt, I couldn't resist. It is camo and says "On the hunt for throwed rolls". haha It was really fun.

What I learned this week:

God places very specific people in our paths so that we can learn to become our greatest self.

I have been so blessed with the people I have had in my life. So blessed. The people that have helped me get where I am today. The people back home and the people here. You know who you are and you have changed my life.

I love you all so much!

Sister Lundskog
We found a turtle and made it our pet for the day.

Tracting the roads of my area

Cool pic of Sister Hansen and me tracting

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