Monday, August 4, 2014

He Sees What is in Your Heart

Well, to be honest, I don't even know what to start writing about. My week has flown by and not much happened. We got a call last minute on Monday from the Sister Training Leaders (STLs) asking if we could do exchanges that Wednesday. We were a little frustrated because it was the end of the month so we were out of miles and so we had to ask a member to drive us an hour to Perryville to drop one of us off and then just drive back home. That is a lot to ask someone and we had to do this on Wednesday and Thursday. This meant that we were walking on Tuesday which turned out to be a really good day. We saw three less actives and we felt super good out walking around. We were blessed because it was very cool that day. We have made it a goal to try and walk more and not just drive from house to house but get out and see as many people as possible.

Exchanges were alright. I was up in Glen Carbon with Sister Huppi. They have a crazy area. They have about seven baptismal dates, four for the 10th of August. It was extremely hard for me actually to be there but I tried to have fun. I have such a hard time with STLs. Ninety percent of the time I knew that Sister Huppi wasn't even listening to me and I thought it was so sad how they are really busy but it's almost like they make themselves even busier when they don't need to be that way at all. They are missing out on so many of the wonderful parts of being on a mission by getting distracted with the schedule and the appointments, the logistics and the numbers. It just made me really appreciate what this area has taught me. It was like an overnight change for me from hating Jackson to loving it. This area has taught me the beauty of the simple moments in life and truly how to enjoy the small and very mundane tasks in life. I AM SO BLESSED! We cannot lose sight of the moments that matter most. 

This week Sister Hansen and I worked really hard. We went to Chaffee, Marble Hill, and Perryville and spent the whole day in each area. Guess what? We have a solid number of potential gators! This week we are hoping to follow up with all of them and hopefully start teaching them the gospel. Our spark has started and we are about to set Jackson up in flames.

Anyway, that was pretty much our week. Just knocking doors and doing what missionaries do best. Brother SC cancelled on us again so we didn't have any lessons. But, we did see eight less active members or families so that was awesome. Fun thing....this week we are getting a mini missionary from our stake and she will spend the whole week with us. I feel like it is going to stress me out a little more with this area but, whatever, we will have fun with her I hope!

What I learned this week:
Our leaders challenged us to make a bucket list for this transfer and so one of the bucket list goals Sister Hansen and I came up with was to write down a miracle that happened to us every day. This has been the biggest blessing in my life. I truly have learned to look for the beauty in everything around us and to learn to trust in God. He is aware of me but sometimes I miss it because I am too busy looking for the angels and fire coming from the sky that I miss the tender mercies that he sends just to me personally every day. What I have realized is that those small miracles show more of His love than if we were to hear His voice or see angels because you realize how much He is always thinking about you and how well He knows you. He sees what is in your heart and knows the best things you need.

I love you immensely and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love-Sister Lundskog

Sister Hansen and I in the good ole corn fields

Fun with Sister Hansen
Little Karen, my best friend here. They call her KD, the initials of her first and middle names.

A little piece of my home in Jackson

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