Monday, August 25, 2014

God Has Been So Good to Me

Dear Crazy Hectic Family!

I hope you are all surviving the move, Portland to Coast, a reception, a 12 hour drive and a first day of school!!!! I hope all is well and that you are doing alright. Wish I could be there to help and know I am praying for you every night.

So, exciting news to start out the last week. On Monday we picked up two new gators!!!! They were former gators and they called us on Saturday because they wanted to give us our books back (Books of Mormon) so we set up a time to come see them to "get them back". They let us in and they are like super old by the way, and we ended up having a good discussion and we told them the books were for them to keep. It was theirs and they were so happy. They didn't know they could keep them and they invited us to come back. It was a really spiritual discussion and it was cool to see that the Lord can work with even those who have thought/been/acted a certain way all their life. There is room for the gospel in anyone's heart. They just have to make room for it!

This week was a little rough. Unfortunately all of our appointments fell through.... so we didn't get to see Natalie or Tobey (which was a huge let down) and we didn't get to see Brother SC either. Also we had a lesson scheduled with Daniel and he was bringing five friends who were interested in learning more. But, guess what happened? We got hit by a massive storm. I was so mad yet so happy! It was just pouring and then it started hailing and we were out driving and it was raining so hard you couldn't even see! Like all of the streets in Jackson flooded. I thought our window was going to crack from how hard the hail was coming down! We drove through this part of town where there was so much water that as I drove through it, it sprayed up and on top of our car. We have a video of it but it is too big to send so it will just have to wait till I get home. IT WAS SO EXCITING!

Well anyway... that was the last cool weather we have had. This week was so flippin hot and the humidity was killer. It was bad. I have a story. This transfer our theme was trailblazers because we are like our ancestors...blazing a trail for those to follow us. They decided to have a day where everyone's cars were parked and we were going to spend the whole day walking and the goal was for everyone to find two new investigators. Well, it just happened to be last Saturday... the hottest day of the summer so far. The heat index was 111 degrees. But Sister Hansen and I did what we were asked. The first two hours of the day we only had two people open their door the whole two hours. We didn't find a single new investigator let alone a single new potential. But we gave it our all. We showed our dedication and support for our leaders even if we felt like it was stupid and uneffective and we stayed out all day. Let me tell you I got sun-burnt on my back and it was a pretty decent burn. We had some awesome people give us some water. This lady, she filled up Gatorade bottles for us and she put a ton of ice in it. Five minutes later the ice was gone and another five minutes later the water wasn't even cold anymore. So we celebrated our success and dedication with a stop at the dollar general and spoiled ourselves for the night! It was in a weird way a really fun day and I was blessed to have a companion who I was still able to have fun with when really we should have been miserable.

But here comes the most important news for the week. Transfer calls. I am leaving. Yep, I am being transferred to Fulton MO. Going back to my last zone, Columbia Zone. I will be 30 minutes away from my last area. My STL will be Sister Fisher again and I am going to be the junior companion. I am trying to be as positive as I can. I knew that when I got here and hated it that I would hate leaving just as much. I gave so much of myself to this area. Maybe we didn't have any crazy miracles. Maybe I do still really hate this place. My apartment sucks, our area is huge, and we don't have the capacity to take care of it. We are out searching all day and receive a ton of rejection. I could go on and on about everything that stinks here. Don't get me started on the mosquitos and spiders. But I took an area from zero investigators to five. I cleaned up all the paperwork and saved a lot of time and effort for missionaries after me to come in and know where to start, I fell in love with the people and, for the first time on my mission, had members that when I walked into their house I felt at home. I have made friends left and right. I have strengthened the faith of those around me as well as my faith. I got to catch fireflies in mason jars and sing at a fair. I got to get crazy lost on country roads and see amazing sunsets, I took the time to slow down and realize what truly makes a person happy in life. I prayed and I cried but I got up and I worked from sun up to sun down and if I didn't touch anyone's lives, I know that through everything I did this area touched mine. I made a life time friend through a companion who always had my back. She pushed me to be the best missionary I could be. To look for God's hand through every trial. She blessed me with the desire to be better to never give up and that, yes, there are still good people out there who when they say they care they actually mean it. GOD HAS BEEN SO GOOD TO ME.

So, here I go to start a new journey, a new adventure. My faith has been strengthened, my courage has grown, and my hope has been renewed. Life is a journey, a crazy one to say the least but it is so worth every moment of heartache and disappointment to get up and keep going. Cause one day we will look back and see how far we have come, how much we have changed, and how much more we can go. My testimony has grown so much. How blessed are we to have a Father that loves us unconditionally. We are His and we were not designed to fail. I love my Father in Heaven, I love my brother, Jesus Christ. In my setting apart blessing I was promised that in times of trial "I would feel the Savior's arms around me." Well, here I am and I feel so loved by everyone he has put in my life. I was a fool thinking I would actually feel Him and never realized it was those He put in my life to help me feel loved. He is taking care of us and I am so happy to be serving Him.

I have a minute before my computer shuts off. I love you! Love you sooooooo much,.

Sister Lundskog

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