Monday, July 14, 2014

Peace, Be Still

Dear Family-

This week's letter is going to be really short. I'll tell you the good news of my week and then the bad news.

WE FINALLY PICKED UP A NEW INVESTIGATOR!! WOOOHOO! Our teaching pool is now at one. haha It is a part member family and the husband has taken the lessons before but we went over with a member and he totally accepted learning again. Seriously, you do not understand the power that a member has at changing the outcome of someone's spiritual progression. It felt so good for the first time in six weeks I got to teach a lesson. So, that was an answer to prayer.

We got transfer calls this week...and I am staying here. To be quite frank, I am not happy at all. As soon as we got the call I just broke and cried my eyes out for 30 minutes. Then, what do you know all of my friends from my last district started calling me. By the end of the night they all had me laughing and that is exactly what I needed is just my mission family here to step in and help me out. It was cool to see that they had no idea what was going on but Elder Buhler and Elder Pickett made sure everything was alright. I am still going to be stuck here in Hillbilly Hell with hardly anyone to teach. But, I just have to give it time, I guess. I don't know who my companion is so we will see. I came out with her but she was in a different part of the MTC. Hopefully, she at least will want to work like crazy. I want to work. Sister Rudd is leaving to Columbia, Illinois and she is actually going to be in Elder Buhler's district and she gets to go the baseball game. I'm bitter that I can't go to the baseball game. haha I know that really isn't that important but it meant a lot to me and I actually used that as my motivation to get through this transfer.

What I learned this week:

It is actually okay that I am not always positive penny and the bigger person. It doesn't mean I am any less of a person because I once in a while need to have a breakdown. The important thing is that I get my act together and keep getting back up and keep going.
True friends are the ones that help lift you up when you are down.

Here is the biggest thing I learned this week. We were sharing a spiritual thought with a family this week. We shared the story in Mark where the disciples and Jesus are crossing the sea and a huge storm comes in and their boat starts to fill up with water. The disciples are freaking out because Jesus is just taking a nap so they wake Him up. They say something like "Lord, do you care we are about to perish?" Christ then stands up and says "Peace, be still" and the storm ceases. He turns to them and says "Oh ye of little faith". As I was sharing this with the members I thought of how many times in my life that my boat was taking on water and I have turned to Christ asking Him, "Where the freak are you? Hey, do you care that I am sinking? I am drowning...where are you?" To then hear Him say "Peace, be still". He is always there even when we don't think He cares or is aware of what we are going through. He holds the storm in His hand and He can see the bigger picture. We must not have little faith but trust that He has us in His hands. So, even now when I honestly am thinking "You know how much I hate it here. I feel like I'm drowning. My boat is taking on water." I can know that He is there but I have got to trust that He sees the bigger picture and when I can't stand it anymore I will hear him say "Peace, be still."

Anyway, I have some good parents that taught me that quitting was never an option. I have always been a fighter and right now isn't the time to stop being one.

Love you-

Sister Lundskog

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