Monday, June 23, 2014

Tough Times Don't Last but Tough People Do

Dear Family-

Can you believe I am heading into week four of this transfer? Where has the time gone? Crazy!

So...a fun little gross story. Last Monday for P Day we played sports with the Elders and some of the YSA kids who showed up to play soccer and basketball in overalls and steel toe cowboy boots. Okay.... Anyway, we played all different sports straight for four hours. You know how I have an ingrown toenail that I have had for years because of dance? Well, when I took my shoe off my toenail was split in half. So, I soaked it in warm water and then just ripped it out. Finally, after six years it is gone! But, I lost part of my toenail too, though, so it looks a little gross but, oh well.

This week was a tough one but I have been anxiously making the effort to have a good attitude no matter what the circumstances are. We were able to get a lot of help from members this week and finally started to get to visit people. We saw eight less actives this week and two of the families we visited came and stayed for all of church and one came just for sacrament. It has been realty rough because our teaching pool is at zero. We don't really have anyone to teach and we have been struggling to find people. Sister Rudd keeps making excuses so that we don't have to tract which has really been frustrating me. I do believe, though, that we were called to hep this ward more than to find people to teach. The Lord isn't going to condemn his children by having us find people when the ward is not prepared enough to handle them. The ward has 320 people on the list but less than 100 come to church on Sunday. We have come up with this new plan with our Ward Mission Leader. It would be too hard to explain our plan but I have never had so much faith in a plan like this my entire mission. Pretty much the them is to start a fire. We are going to bring the heat. This ward needs to get their act together. We came up with the 1-1-1 plan for the ward mission plan. Every family is just going to focus on one, one person to introduce to the gospel, one person to reactivate and one name to take to the temple. If every single person were to bring just one person back, that would be a ward of 200, right? That is possible if we look at the problem as one person at a time rather than 300 people. It seems possible to succeed.

Fun little facts about my area here. We serve at the food pantry on Thursdays. The four big cities we cover are Jackson, Marble Hill, Chaffee, and Perryville. Perryville is an hour away. Marble Hill is 45 minutes the other direction, and Chaffee is 30 minutes the other way. We went to the Relief Society activity this week where we helped volunteer at the old folks home in Jackson. We got to paint a bunch of old ladies' nails and it was really funny to just talk to them and they looked all cute with their nails painted.

THERE WAS AN AWESOME STORM THIS WEEK! It looked like a tornado but it wasn't. We were at the "B" house for a game night that a potential investigator was supposed to come to. We were outside playing four square and out of nowhere this massive storm was there. It was so cool. We all ran inside!
The storm rolling in

The sunsets are really cool!
That was my week. It was really tough. I wanted to kill my area and my comp but I learned to have fun.

What I learned this week:
1. Letting other handle things you could do is not a sign of your inadequacy but rather an opportunity to let others grow. There are many times where it would be much easier to do it yourself. But, it is not about you.
2. It is time to bring the heat. We are going to be the spark that starts the fire in their hearts.

3. I saw what a lightning bug looks like in the daytime. They look really weird.

The thing that hit home the most this week was this: Do all that you can do and then a little bit more. We are not put here on this earth to fail. Nor was I put in this area to not succeed. Life moves so quickly. People and places change, and when we get to the end of this life are we going to look back and regret that we didn't give just a little more or try just a little bit harder? When I look back on my mission or even just on this transfer, am I gonna say "If only I had tried a little bit more..." or am I going to look back satisfied with all that I did, knowing that I gave it my all. That I didn't quit. That as the road go harder, I got tougher. Because tough times don't last but tough people do. We were not born to fail, but to succeed.

I love you with all my heart,

Sister Lundskog
Typical of my area....fields!!

Sister Rudd making the trek up the driveway

Saying goodbye a couple of weeks ago to my district & area

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