Monday, June 9, 2014

That's Not An Address!!

Dear Family-

I'm in Hill Billy Hell! that movie!

I am out in the country for the very first time. Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday were a little bit stressful as I had to say goodbye to everyone and clean the car and apartment. But we did it. We ended up caravaning to transfer meetings and I was with a member in the car behind the Elders which was awesome because they were able to help us. (Sister H came down from Fayette and rode with me to transfers) with all of our massive suitcases. Seriously, you accumulate so much stuff it is not even funny.

I think this has been the hardest transfer of my mission, including from the MTC to the mission field. I know that I haven't had that many transfers but I was fighting back tears the whole meeting. I will always love Carondelet because it was my first area but Columbia became my home. Not in the sense that the place did but the people that were there. My district was my family, my investigators and my members were my friends. I could be myself at all times and not have to worry about keeping up a certain image. I learned more on how to be a good missionary than anywhere else. I loved the people to a degree that I never thought I could. I found myself in Columbia. I have struggled a lot in my life trying to figure out who I am and what I am good at and finding my "niche". I was always so frustrated because I didn't know what I wanted in life and I didn't really know how to love who I was or am. But these people helped me find myself and made a place for me to belong. They were straight up a family and I knew where I fit in.

But, due to the way a mission is set up we must put God's desires above our own. So, I put on a smile and tried not to cry as I headed down to my new area. First off, I was with this guy who was old and we almost died so many times from his driving. It was a huge blessing that we even made it to our area in one piece.

My new area....Jackson, MO. Haha...I am in the country. Now, don't get me wrong. It is beautiful. I love the country, you guys know that. But, as a missionary, I only know how to work in the city and not only that but that is my favorite kind of missionary work. It is two hours from the top of my area to the bottom. You can't get to certain people's homes unless someone takes you because their address is like this: 240 Route Kk PO Box 64...What the freak is that!!? That's not an address. Haha...come on people! but the area is beautiful. There are rolling hills everywhere with big red barns. Hey, remember when we went to Hannibal, MO and we were up at that lighthouse and we were looking at the river and all the trees that surrounded it? That's what the forests look like here. They are kind of like a jungle but a Midwestern one. There are just huge forests everywhere which I do love but it makes finding your way around impossible.

The Elders left us very, very few notes and it has made things extremely hard. We have already been dropped by two of their investigators. The ward is SO SMALL. People hold multiple callings. It is crazy. There are less than 15 people in the Relief Society.

My comp is cool. Her name is Sister Rudd. She is from Layton, Utah. She came out with Sister Minyard and Sister Errington. She has three months left of her mission.

Man, I honestly can't think of much else to tell you about this week. Oh, the lightning bugs or I guess the fireflies are out now which is awesome. Anyway, it's just been kind of a roller coaster and I'm trying to be positive and take what comes and run with it. I can do hard things, right Mom?

What I learned this week:

Change is always hard
The country is beautiful
When there are times in your life when you feel that God is not there, all you can do is hold to the times when you knew He was.
Come what may and love it or at least endure it.

I love you with all of my heart-

Sister Lundskog

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