Monday, June 16, 2014

Red People and Golden Tickets

Dear Crazy Family and Friends-

Man, it sounds like you guys had a crazy week! I am glad everyone is safe and sound, even if you are split up. I have to say the more I hear of you guys getting closer to moving, the more homesick I get for Oregon. I am gonna miss that home like crazy but I know this move will be good for our family!

Funny, I think God is trying to teach me to like change. You all know how much I hate it. I've never been good at it and it's funny how He likes to teach us sometimes. This week was still really rough but it ended on a good note and I have decided to have a new attitude about things.

This week started with President interviews. My interview went a lot better with him than they usually do. He actually talked to me and I was able to tell him that I was struggling a little bit with this change. He told me that he really felt like this place, Jackson, needed me. As much as I would love to argue that, I can't. I trust that the Lord has His hand in all of this. Even if, say, my President or our leaders were not listening to inspiration, I know that Heavenly Father is going to take care of me. The funny thing is that I have felt Him trying to make me realize I need to be here. I bet He is like "Come on, Corinne. Do I need to hit you with a 2 x 4?" Haha Actually, what hit home the most is that the first two weeks I was here it was raining just like at home. I realized how many times Heavenly Father has realized that I am having a hard time, He sends me a little piece of home. Just like when I was driving through Provo Canyon. I wanted a hug more than anything but instead He sent me some rain. Just like then, He has been trying to tell me, "Sister Lundskog, this is home. I'm aware of you." Sometimes we have to humble ourselves enough to let God change us.

Besides my new attitude change, I am really upset. You know how I told you that we were all going to go to a Cardinals game as a mission for Mormon Night? Well, I guess President announced it before getting permission so out of the 8 zones, only 4 zones---the ones closest to the city--get to go. I am in Cape which means I am probably not going to get to go to the game! Do you know how upset I was about that? I love baseball. So I am trying to keep positive even though I am really bitter about it.

I got your package! Thank you so much. I loved it! Oh...Sister Tonnies' sister sent me a package of 7 Cd's with cool MoTab music on it! Isn't that so nice of her? Now I have cool MoTab music.

You asked about my companion. I am sorry, I actually haven't taken any pictures with her yet or of the area or of my apartment. I know, I am slacking....sorry. She is from Layton, Utah and she is pretty cool. She is extremely red. She took the color test cause I have it with me and she was 30 red, 13 blue, 2 white, and 3 yellow. she is very, very red. I am really red, too. I'm a 22 red so I understand her and we get along. But, the problem is that we are different in where we are red if that makes sense? She is kind of bossy and a little controlling and we all know how well that goes over with me. We have kind of the same humor so that is fun and we haven't fought or disagreed about anything yet. I think she is pretty cool but I have had a little bit of a rough time adjusting to her. She has been out for 15 months so I think she is getting super trunky whether she wants to admit it or not. She has been waking up super late and she will say she doesn't feel good and stuff and I haven't been perfect cause I have woken up at 7am a couple of times this week but I made this whole game plan to help get myself up in the morning. You would think by now I could get up but I still struggle. I have been doing a lot better but she sleeps in late till like 9am, she doesn't really study, she takes up my getting ready time. She is kind of lax on a lot of rules cause she has had kind of a hard track record with this mission. She has been to President's office twice. Mostly for the problems with her companions. But, she is a good girl. She came out for the right reasons and just kinda was handed the hard lot in this mission so I think she is just a little burnt out. But, we set new goals this week and I explained that if we want Heavenly Father to bless us with help in this area (which had a baptism a year ago) then we need to do everything we possibly can so that He has no choice but to bless us.

This area has been rough. We met with our Ward Mission leader and we came up with a sick plan to revive the ward and this area in missionary work. This ward has like 320 people on record and like 85 attend and most of the families that are not coming are part member families. We have come up with a plan to light a fire in this area. We are going to bring the heat. It's time to start harvesting. This area has been planted enough. We now have a game plan and it is now just time to execute it.

Anyway, sorry that I wrote a lot this week. I just learned a lot. I can feel myself growing into what Heavenly Father wants me to be. I have finally got my footing and now I feel like I can be myself so GOOD THINGS ARE TO COME.

What I learned this week:

I can do hard things
If you don't want to accept change, you don't have to--but it is gonna happen anyway.
Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying
And lastly...
I read a talk by Elder Uchtdorf called "Forget Me Not". (You should read it. It's really good). In it he talked about Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket and how everyone is waiting for that golden ticket. Their whole life and happiness depends on getting that ticket. He compared it to us in life and how we say things like "When I'm married, that's when I will be happy" or "When I have this, I will be happy". We are wasting time waiting for our golden tickets. Why can't we be happy now? No matter what life is like we can always find happiness. I can be happy now. I am going to be happy now.

Love you with all of my heart-

Sister Lundskog

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