Monday, June 30, 2014

Everyone Has a Story and it's Our Job to Listen to It

Dear Family-

Well, this week was awful, to be quite honest. But, it is over and I have another new week to look forward to.

This week we had exchanges. I stayed here with Sister Webster (she trained Sister Robertson). It was good. It was a long day and really frustrating that we didn't have a teaching pool to show her all the work we have been putting in. But, we contacted a few people and set up some return appointments so next week will be good.

We had a flat tire this week when we were coming home so Elder Bachelor at the mission office had us have the elders come over and change our tire and then we took it to the shop. But, everyone in the mission office goes to the temple all day on Friday so when we were calling to try and get the card number so we could pay for a new tire (they couldn't patch the tire), we couldn't get a hold of anyone. The shop was closing so we just had to leave our car there and walk home. We were walking into our apartment complex and realized that the shop had our keys and we have no way into the apartment. We had to call the elders again and they came and broke into our apartment. We now owe them cookies for making them drive all the way here twice. haha So that was a fun little event.

Sister Rudd had a meltdown this week. I learned a lot from her this week. She really has been put through the ringer on her mission and has definitely received the short end of the stick. I had a big change of heart for her this week. It is funny how when you learn someone's story, you understand so much more of why they do what they do. I get why she is just burnt out after having had so much thrown against her. You can only take so much before you break. So, here I go for the next two weeks to try and do my best to love her with all I've got. To help her see what God sees in her. To push her to become who she is supposed to be. To not give up on her or get mad at her for the weaknesses she may have. She is a pretty cool girl and maybe being companions is hard for us to be together but I know she is a good friend and she has helped me get through this transfer that is for sure.

Sorry the email is short. Honestly, I don't have much to say. This week was hard. I haven't liked being here and I know no one wants to read a negative email but I did learn some really valuable stuff this week.

1. Everyone has a story and it's our job to listen to it.
2. It is the hard times, not the good times, that help build our character
3. I did not sign up to serve a full time mission for the Lord and expect it to be easy. I came on a mission to work and to work hard. I expected to be pushed past my limits and to be changed. I came to love those that would hate me and serve those who could never repay me. I gave up my life and everything I loved to be at the Lord's beckon call. I have had discouragement and disappointment almost daily and yet I signed up to be here because I know of the infinite blessings of the Savior's atonement. I knew it would be worth it, not for me but for those that I am able to serve, however many that may be. The ups and the downs are what make a mission a mission. For how else would I be able to look back and see the joy from this year and a half if there was no pain? How else would I know of God's infinite love for His children if I was never asked to grow? Are we not disciples of Christ? Then why should I expect to never have to go through a small part of what he went through? How else would I ever be able to comprehend the sacrifice that He has so willingly made for me if I did not in some way understand, to the small degree that I can, what He went through? Sometimes I am human and I want to quit. Sometimes I am too narrow minded to only see the here and now and not look at what is to come. I make mistakes. I cry and get angry. I ask why, why is this happening to me. But, tough times don't last but tough people do. If we only have faith in God...we will make it through.

I love you guys. Have a wonderful week.

Love-Sister Lundskog

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