Monday, May 19, 2014

Progress, Not Perfection

Dear Family-

I am glad everyone is back. I know that you probably aren't glad to be back but I am because I can hear from all of you again...except for Allison. Please email me, Chica.

This week was very stressful. But, I did find out a fun fact. Do you remember Linda from Carondelet? Sister Fisher and I received her as a headquarters referral and we taught her and then the ward boundary split and we had to give her to the other sisters. SHE GOT BAPTIZED! Sister Fisher told me. That was kind of cool to hear. I am really happy for her!

This week I tried really hard not to kill my companion. I think three transfers is the max I can handle being with someone 24/7. This is how I felt with some of my other companions by the end of three months. It doesn't matter how much I love them, I just need space and new faces. I get a little nervous thinking about marriage because I am bad at communicating and handling relationships. But, on the positive side, I will get to pick my husband and we won't be with each other 24/7. I think that it's hard for me because I am a reserved person. Like, I love people and I love going to big events and big cities and all of that but I also am a person that needs my alone time. Especially when I am upset. But, it went better this week than last so that was good. Improvement, right? Progress not perfection.

Last week, Damara backed out of being baptized and so every lesson we have had with her we have been trying to resolve concerns and worries. We had a lesson with her this week and she just was talking and talking and finally she said, "We cool, we cool. This is what I need to do. I have found where I belong and I know Heavenly Father approves." That was it, she was ready to be baptized and she wants it this week. So, that was a huge spiritual experience for me because we always tell investigators to pray and they will get an answer. I think sometimes I get nervous and doubt that they will. I don't know why I do but I do. Trust issues, I guess. But, to see how firm her answer was and just knowing that it is Heavenly Father's work. Her answer came from Him...not us.

We also had an extremely spiritual lesson with Wanda this week. She is 47 and has so many health problems. It is just a mess. We watched the "Finding Faith in Christ" video and after she just opened up about how she doesn't understand what her purpose is being here. I think it really hit home with me because I know what that feels not know why the heck you are here and how everything you are doing just isn't making an impact on anyone's life and you feel small and insignificant. I wasn't able to provide any life changing answers but I was able to testify to her that she is a daughter of God. If there is anything I do know, I know that without a doubt. I am a daughter of God and He is my king. Therefore, I am a princess. I have been sent here to do great things. So has Wanda. There is a purpose to all this crazy we have to go through. Even if I don't know the answer, I am going to keep moving forward with hope. I was an amazing lesson, I feel almost more for me than her because I needed that reminder of why I am here.

On a funnier note, we had a media referral this week and we went and knocked on his door and this black guy with dreads and a gold grill opens the door and we asked him if he was who we were looking for and his reply was "Ah, no but thank you, Jesus" as he looked us up and down and was bewildered why these two little girl missionaries were at his door. It was really awkward and then when I told him to have a wonderful day he said, "No, you have a BLESSED day, not a wonderful day." Haha He had this sassy attitude and it just made me laugh.

This week we had stake conference. It was very good and Damara came to both sessions. We had Elder Martino of the Seventy come and he was really funny. President and Sister Morgan also came so it was really cool to see them. There are 16 sisters and 22 elders in our stake! That is a lot of missionaries. It was a great conference. I loved it. Plus, it is nice to get to see all of the missionaries.

So, transfer calls are in two weeks. I can't believe it. I am getting nervous because this district is my family and I am going to lose them. But, it will all work out.

What I learned this week:

I miss having my own space and alone time
A mission takes a lot out of you but it replaces everything with so much more


Sister Lundskog

Look what I found

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