Monday, May 5, 2014

Different Spiritual Progressions and Levels

Dear Family-

So this was a good week. To be honest, I can hardly remember it! It just flew by. Last Monday as a district we decided to play baseball. Well, we weren't very prepared. We had a baseball and two gloves. So, Elder Timothy went marching over to the forest by our field and came back with a giant stick and we used that as a bat. haha It worked for a long time till it broke in half. But, I was the pitcher. When I threw it to Elder Pickett, he hit it straight at me and it just went right into my hip. It kind of hurt a little bit but it left a wicked bruise. A perfect black circle right on my stomach/hip. We are playing baseball again today but this time we have more gloves and a real bat!
Lunch last week with my awesome district

Hiking with Elder Pickett and Elder Buhler and my companion

This week we received an email from Elder Batchelor in the office. The letter told us that Chevy is having a recall on some of their models and one of them is the Chevy Cruze which is what we drive. We were told that there is something wrong with the axle. If it breaks, the car will just power off. I guess somewhere the church has been having problems with this so we had to take our car in to get checked at a Chevy dealer which made me nervous because I have no freaking idea what I am doing. But, our mission was doing great and we haven't had a car yet with a problem until we went in. I guess our car is one of the ones with a problem. He said we would be fine to drive it and then the dealership will call us when the parts come in and they will give us a rental car while they fix it.

On Wednesday, we had zone conference. This time it was combined with the North St. Louis zone. We had to drive two hours to O'Fallon, Missouri for zone conference. It was actually a lot of fun because our district decided to caravan. We followed Elder Timothy and then Elder Buhler and Elder Pickett called us and we talked as we drove down. It was way fun. Zone conference was good. I got to see Sister Fisher and Sister Richardson again! We learned a lot and it was good but I was feeling really, really sick that day. I was excited when it was over and we were able to go home.

As I said, this week I got sick which was kind of a bummer but it happens. We were still able to have an awesome week though. I just had to push through it. We were able to have a lesson with Logan and with Chris this week and the bishop came to our lesson. We were so excited because we are finally able to start moving forward with Chris. She is truly letting the gospel change her. It's slow but she is letting it in.

Also, we were able to set a baptismal date with Damara finally for May 17th. I am so excited. Damara is amazing. I am so happy for her. I know this will bless her life and I don't even think she begins to understand what this is going to do for her. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL! BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

Oh, and yes, thank you so much for that Easter package. I loved it!

What I learned this week:

Everyone is not taking off from the same launch pad. We can not compare our spiritual progression to that of others because we are all on different levels.
Saying prayers of gratitude will change your perspective on life. Don't ask for a single thing. Make you whole prayer a prayer of thanks.
Sometimes it's not a "come what may and love it" but a "come what may and endure it!" But, there is a bright side to everything.


Sister Lundskog

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