Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Always Believe in Good Things to Come

Dear Family-

This week was a very good week. Stressful, but good. I don't understand sometimes how happy I am as a missionary because I am so tired all the time. You're just exhausted and stressed but you're happy. It is so weird.

Anyway, before I tell you about this week, I must tell you about this weekend because it was the greatest part of the whole week. Damara's baptism. It happened. Words can't even begin to describe how absolutely spiritual and amazing it was. When Saturday rolled around it was like everything fell apart. We had planned for Brother and Sister T to give the talks and Brother T to baptize her cause they were one of her main fellow shippers. On their way home from St. Louis Friday night, they hit a deer and their whole family is fine but it totaled their car. We got a call that morning that they weren't going to make it. So last minute, Sister Tonnies and I had to do the talks and we were already doing a musical number so it was dumb that the missionaries had the whole program. But, we had tried really hard to have the members do everything and besides the talks and the musical number we found people to step in. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I think I have had on my whole mission. At least it's way up there. Damara bore her testimony and it was just amazing. She was so ready for this. She grasped the importance of the decision she was making that day more than anyone I have ever met. It was a huge testimony builder to me to see her up there firm in her decision to serve God. When she was bearing her testimony she said, "I am so thankful for the missionaries that never gave up on me." That just touched my heart to know that because those before me as well as Sister Tonnies and I had not given up on her she was able to make this wonderful decision.

So, pretty much I don't remember much of the rest of the week because that was the best part of all of it. We sang "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" with Elder Timothy playing the guitar but we changed it up just a little bit. The bishop and the ward music lady were both at the baptism. After, they came up and asked if we could sing our song as a prelude to sacrament meeting. I guess guitars can't be played during sacrament meeting. They got up and announced us and then we sang and, to be honest, it was a little awkward and a lot scary. I did not like it one bit but it went really well. Sister L, the music coordinator, has a studio in her house and asked if she could record us singing that song so we did. She is going to email us the recording and then we can send it home. Look at all these talents I am gaining on my mission! haha

Memorial Day was fun. I missed being home with the gang and doing our usual BBQ but we went to our ward party and then after we went and played sports as a district and then Sister L and Brother L fed all eight of us in our district and we recorded our song. It was so fun. There were a couple of families there and we just went crazy playing with the kids. I really admire Elder Timothy, Elder Buhler, and Elder Pickett. They are such good guys.

That was pretty much my week. Logan's baptism is this Saturday so pray for him that it will be able to happen and everything will go well. Elder Timothy and I are singing at Logan's baptism on Saturday and Sister Tonnies is giving a talk. I am excited to see what will happen!

What I learned this week:

You become like those you spend most of your time with
Never doubt God and his ability to make things happen
Most of all, always believe in good things to come

Love you with all of my heart-

Sister Lundskog

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