Monday, April 14, 2014

Violins, Cats, and Finding My Niche

Dear Family-

This week was so much better! Not a lot happened this week but I learned a lot. Funny how that works sometimes.

On Wednesday, we had ZLT (Zone Leader Training). It was good. I really appreciated their training. They talked about my least favorite subject in the world....that would be numbers. But, Elder Evans gave a really good training. He said it is not about the numbers we are putting out but the effort that it took to make that number. So say there is a set of missionaries in an area that they are doing 100 lessons a week and their ward mission leader calls and sets everything up for them. Those missionaries literally don't have to do anything because the numbers are just flowing in. Now say that there is another set of missionaries that have nothing. They have zero investigators, zero lessons planned for that week. Nothing. Say they work their butts off that week and get two lessons. (You'll like this, Mom, cause he used math..haha). Those first set of missionaries had the potential to have more lessons than they did. They were getting 100 lessons but if they had tried, maybe they could have had 300 so they had 100/300. The second set of missionaries had the potential to only have zero, right? But, they made two lessons out of zero so 2/0. He explained how it's not the number but the effort behind those numbers. I really liked it. I guess it was what I needed to hear at the moment.
On Monday, I asked my District Leader (who is awesome, by the way), Elder Timothy, to give me a blessing and the elders in my district were part of it. It was much needed and I'm grateful in a way that I don't think they will ever understand. It takes a lot for my to be comfortable and trusting enough to ask for help because I'm awful at that and everyone knows that. The thing that really stuck out to me in the blessing was how he reminded me that the things that have happened in my life have specifically prepared me for this mission. That was all I really needed to hear. To know and be reminded that this isn't all just a game. There is meaning behind everything in this life. God is so aware of the paths that we take. It's not just luck or destiny or serendipity. There is a purpose to everything in our lives. Sometimes we just get a little lost and need a reminder every once in a while.

This week as a district we started playing this game. Just when we were tracting between doors or when we were driving places. We started to compare each person in the district to something. We did animals. Whatever animal that personified them the most was what they would be. We did so many topics...animals, ocean animals, superheroes, villains, trees, furniture, actors, romantic comedies, action movies, board games, planets, storms, cars, etc. The list goes on. It was so fun but for every person you had to give a valid reason why they are that thing. I look up to Elder Buhler a lot. But, he is feisty and a loud mouth. He is the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with and he knows everything that goes on in the mission. He is super funny, just that kind of guy. He and his companion were doing instruments. He said, "Sister Lundskog, you are a violin." "Why am I a violin, Elder Buhler?" He said, "Have you ever heard an orchestra play without a violin?" I said no. He said, "Exactly. The violin is what ties the orchestra together. An orchestra just isn't the same without one." Seriously, that was the best compliment I have ever gotten especially from someone that I really look up to because I would love to be the person that Elder Buhler is. Everyone respects him and wants to be around him so it meant a lot for him to tell me that. It's kind of a little self-centered to share this with you guys but it meant a lot just because I am always so hard on myself and it helped me to see that being happy and proud of who you are is not a bad thing. You should love yourself. Obviously, to a degree, acknowledge your weaknesses but realize your strengths as well.

We didn't have very many teaching appointments this week but we were able to set a ton up for next week which will be so awesome cause we also have exchanges next week. But, we did have an awesome lesson with Diane. We were talking about lesson 3 which is the gospel of Jesus Christ and she asked how we knew that this church is true. I had the opportunity to share my story and my testimony. I was able to testify of Jesus Christ and I found it. I found my niche....why I am here. But....her cat came and sat on my lap and I had a horrible allergic reaction. My eyes turned super red and swelled shut. I got a stuffy nose and I was itchy all over my face! It came out of nowhere. I'm not allergic to cats!! It was the weirdest thing. My eye was still super swollen the next day. But, I am good now.

On Saturday it was 80 degrees and it was so nice! But, then on Sunday there was a huge storm and now it is 40 degrees. We got some cool pictures of the storm though. I'll send you guys some pics today.

Sorry I didn't correct the spelling. I wanted to hurry and write you before I ran out of time.


Sister Lundskog
Sister Tonnies and I. This was taken the day after the cat encounter. My eye was still swollen.

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