Monday, March 10, 2014

Sock It To 'Em!

Dear Family,

Hey there! I hope everything is going well with the move and all the craziness I am sure is going on at the house! My week was pretty crazy as well. But, it was good. First off, it is finally warm here. It is 60 degrees outside and guess what....I am not wearing tights! Wooooohoo!!

This week we had Zone Leader Training which was good. They gave some awesome training and we all went out to lunch for the last time as a district. It was fun!
My district
Coolest experience of the week. We invited Erin to be baptized and in a way she said yes. It was a soft invite. We just asked her if she came to know these things were true would she be baptized? She had a huge smile on her face and said "Ya, of course" and she started laughing and added "but I don't think I'm worthy." She asked if there were things that she had to be doing or following. We told her yes but we can teach you all of those things and she just was so happy. She asked if she could come to church next Sunday without us even asking. It was super exciting because you could literally see her change of heart. Man, I love that family! I am so excited to see what she can become!

So guess who asked if she could take the lessons? Chris! Logan's mom told us she has been trying to quit smoking and that she now would love to have the lessons again. Can you believe that? We are watching her slowly change for her kids and for her family and for herself. I am excited to see this family grow. This week we had a sock party with Logan, Alan, Shyanne, and Chris. They bring all of their socks in the whole house and put them in a huge pile and you match them. It was crazy and what's even more crazy is how much I have come to love their family. It is the coolest thing to see Christ's love work through you and how much you genuinely care about these people no matter how crazy they are.
Sock Party

Woot woot....I won
The other day we were trying to decide who to visit and I suggested we visit Sister G. No feeling or anything. I wasn't using any logic but just thought of her. We got to her apartment and we knocked on her door. The first thing she said was "When I heard that knock on the door I knew it was you." Sometimes the Holy Ghost will give you promptings and you have absolutely no idea that it is a prompting. You always have to be doing your best to be worthy to have the Holy Ghost work through you!
Having fun with the kids

Getting attacked

We also had a new investigator this week. Her name is Isabella and she is one of the member's granddaughters. Holy cow, talk about a crazy family. Sister M is a less active but only cause she has this disease that makes it difficult to walk sometimes. She and all of her kids are members but I am pretty sure not one of her kids is active. I know one or two of her sons are in prison. She has custody of almost all of her grand kids. Every time I go over there I have no idea who is who cause there are a ton of kids and I don't know where they all sleep in that little house. It was the funnest lesson I have ever had. All of the teenagers, ages 13, 14, and 15 participated in the lesson with us. I only ever see one of them at church so I am excited to work with them as well cause they have a lot of potential to be just amazing. Then we are teaching Isabella who is 10 years old and her sister Sekenna who is 8 but she will go through the bishop because she isn't older than 8. They just love the gospel. However, getting them to follow all the commandments might be hard.

Unfortunately I was sick last Saturday. The sickest I have been on my mission. I just woke up Saturday morning and was throwing up. Yay....but I don't know what it was that I had but I didn't feel sick but I couldn't eat or drink anything because it wouldn't stay down. It only lasted for one day. That night, we went to our ward party and we watched the Joseph Smith Restoration video, the really long one. I was kind of disappointed. We had worked so hard all week trying to invite everyone, all of our investigators. We invited so many members and left them a commitment to bring a friend and not very many people showed up. But, Damara did come. She thought it was amazing. She loved it! But, she just doesn't get it. We will just keep praying and relying on the timing of the Lord.

Transfer calls were also on Saturday night and Sister Robertson is going to Covington, Indiana! She will be follow up training someone. Sister Robertson is going to be in a different time zone!

I will be staying here and will be training. I am excited but a little bit nervous. There are 21 missionaries coming in this transfer with one visa-waiter. I don't know how many are sisters but it will be exciting.

What I learned this week:
People can always change
I would have missed out on so much if I had never served a mission!
It is easy to say you will die for your beliefs but will you live for them?
Missionaries get excited about weird good pens

Love you all so much! Hope all is well!

Sister Lundskog
Our happy meal toys

You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl!

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