Monday, March 17, 2014

Finding Joy in Every Season

Dear Family-

I will have to be fast this week because the library was closed due to remodeling so we are at the family history library at our church.

Sister Robertson left this week and as she was leaving she started crying and I miss her. She has been the best companion I have had my whole mission, and I know that I haven't had a lot of companions but she impacted me more than even my trainer. I hope she is doing well in her new area. When we were packing all her stuff I saw she had a shoe shining kit that her brother gave her. Of course I shined her shoes for her before she left. It was funny cause I didn't really know what I was doing but we just had a blast messing around for the last day she was here.
Shining Sister Robertson's boots
I can fit into Sister Robertson's luggage

Just so you get a little idea of Missouri...on Tuesday, it was 80 degrees. On Wednesday, it snowed. Welcome to the most volatile state ever. But, guess what? We are entering tornado season. Don't worry, mom. Columbia never gets tornadoes because of where it is located.

Transfer meeting was kind of stressful. I have never been so nervous. There were two 30 year olds in this last transfer. My new companion is Sister Tonnies. She is my age (both born in November), she went to UVU and is getting a PhD in creative writing cause she thinks it's funny they have a PhD for that. She grew up in Cali but has lived in Richmond, Utah for the past six years. She has six sisters. She calls herself a nerd and gives me long analytical speeches about Lord of the Rings and she is always analyzing stories because she is a fantasy writer. She has a book in editing, I guess. All I know is that she never stops talking. She is like Justin. She hates sports. She has never had a boyfriend or has any guy friends. She did drama and is very theatrical when she talks. So, essentially we have zero in common except that I have read Harry Potter. She went on for hours on the writing style and I just thought "Hey, it was a good story". She is doing great though for a new missionary. She is pretty confident and isn't scared to teach and participate which is way awesome. I think she will be a good missionary. Always look for the positives in every situation and you will always find them.

Hey! We saw the "F" family this week and we taught them how to do FHE. It was the funnest lesson. We did classic song, prayer, lesson snack, song, prayer, and then activity. I went out and played football and soccer in a skirt and it was awesome. It was the third day Sister Tonnies was here and it was fun watching her join in. They accepted her really well so it was good. I just love that family!

We picked up a former investigator this week. Her name is Sarah. Our lessons have been hard with her cause she is Catholic and always has something to argue about. She gets very distracted by her one year old daughter. We will see what happens.

This week we got to help the "R" family. They are moving and so they are remodeling their house to help it sell quicker and they are really stressed because they are under a tight deadline. We went over and did a lot of service for her. The elders were there too. (Cleaning and stuff like that) It made me think of you, Mom, and I hope everything is going well with getting ready to move. Please accept people's help! Put the missionaries to work. They need service and it gives us an excuse to wear pants :)

We had a lesson with Wanda on Sunday. We have not been able to get in contact with her in forever. It was an amazing lesson. We just read from the Book of Mormon with her and talked about it. She can't read right now because she just had surgery and the medicine affects her eyes. When we were reading I totallly thought she was falling asleep on us. So, I kept stopping and asking questions and engaging her more and she was actually really pondering what we were reading. We just talked about the Holy Ghost and how he answers us and she started crying when she was bearing her testimony about it. It was just such a powerful experience to see how much Heavenly Father loves us by giving us the Holy Ghost. Coolest lesson.

Anyway, that was my week. It was a blast. Life is good. I got to pet some horses and play with a dog which of course made my week. I learned that I definitely need to work on patience. That you come on a mission to serve others not to do things to make you happy. We must find joy in every season.

I LOVE YOU! Have an amazing week.

Sister Lundskog

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