Monday, February 17, 2014

"Whoever Said That Sunday was a Day of Rest was Never a Missionary!

Dear Family-

So this week was a great week! We have been working hard and let's just say this week was a black and white difference compared to last week!

First off, we got a new investigator this week. Whoohooo! Her name is Erin and her husband is a less active in the ward. They are not married and they have the cutest baby twins ever. We went and taught her the first lesson and she is the one in the family that works. She does everything. Her husband is somewhat lazy. I have a problem with her husband. He is creepy and gross and makes weird comments and lies and tells us she is home and when we come in she is not. Anyway, when we were teaching her she kept nodding off in the lesson because she was just so tired from working and taking care of the twins. She seemed interested and accepted all of our invitations and so we will be seeing her again tomorrow.

Can y'all believe I hit my five month mark this week! What...that's crazyyyy! I don't feel like I have been out for five months at all! By the end of this transfer I will be 1/3 of the way done. That's cray cray!

Funny story. We saw Hammad this week and his lessons aren't really lessons. More like "interfaith discussions", I guess. He is Muslim but a totally different Muslim than Abeer and her family was and this other family here that we teach. It's confusing. He tried explaining it and he thought it was cool how organized we are. We explained to him that it doesn't matter where you are, the doctrine of the church is the same. It is not influenced by culture like he explained that his faith is. Our conversations are always so interesting and it always strengthens my testimony more and more of the truth of our gospel. When we got there he said that he had looked up our dietary facts. He said he found out that we could have chocolate and he said that he found out that we thought orange juice was good for us....haha. I thought it was the funniest thing. Who knew that you could look up the dietary facts of a Mormon? Learning something new everyday.

We had a huge surprise this week. We were scheduled to have exchanges the last week of the transfer which is in March. But we got a call on Wednesday and the STLs asked us if we could do it the next day. We told them yes but that we couldn't promise we would have anyone to teach (They always ask us to have as many progressing investigators planned for the day as possible when they come). Well, we had already seen like 2/3 of our investigators and had already scheduled all of our other appointments so we had nothing planned for Thursday when they would be here. Sister Robertson went with Sister Woodward to their area and Sister Felt came her to our area. Well, I have only been here three weeks and had only been to church once because of the snow so my knowledge was super limited. I told her that we could do whatever we needed to cause we know how stressful exchanges are. We sat down and tried to plan out a whole day and on Thursday everyone Sister Felt and I tried to see was not home except for one. We went to visit a less active of the ward and guess what? Her ten and almost nine year old granddaughters are the only ones in the family that have not been baptized yet. She told us she needs to get them ready and I was like "Hey, what do you know...that's what we do!" So, we picked up one new potential investigator. Yay...good day. Let's just say I was so tired by the time we got home I fell asleep faster than I have in months. We worked super hard and I felt like my brain was gonna explode trying to make things work and get creative and do things I have never done before. But, if I have learned one thing from exchanges it's this:

No matter how cool the STL is you will miss your companion. I was soooo glad to have Sister Robertson back! She is seriously the best. The closest companion I have been to on my mission and we have already talked about being roomies at college and stuff and it's great to have a friend like her. Seriously, though. She is the greatest and if she isn't already, she will be one of the best missionaries in our mission. Oh and I don't know if I told you, Mom, but she did theater in high school and she was the lead her senior year in the musical. She played Belle in Beauty and the Beast! She is so funny. I love her!

Because we had surprise exchanges, we are kind of way tight on miles. Actually we have like none cause we weren't planning on having to use that many miles this month so we have done a lot of walking. But, we have found a way to make it fun. We sing!  :)  The other night we were singing "Hairspray" and "Pitch Perfect" and we threw a few hymns in there. It was fun!

Our lesson with Diane went great. What I learned is that you get blessings when you pray and specifically study for a specific person. We taught her the plan of salvation and I studied it all week (and I hate studying the lessons. I know that sounds bad but it's hard for me to focus). Anyway, our lessons were good. You can tell that she is honestly seeking for truth in her life and she is finally reading the Book of Mormon and she is realizing that some things just don't add up in her church. It was a really cool experience. God does answer prayers, that's for sure!

I had church again this week. Let me just say that Sunday is the most exhausting day. We are constantly running around taking care of people. I feel like a mom with 20 kids. You would be surprised how sometimes even grown adults have no idea what to do and so they just ask the missionaries cause we somehow are supposed to know everything. Anyway, this ward is kinda hard for me. I feel judged all of the time. Don't get me wrong, I do love the ward. There are some great people. It's just a very well to do ward and they all seem kind of caught up in everyone's business. It's been a big adjustment fro any ward I have ever been in before but I am trying. It is going good but man whoever said Sunday was a day of rest was never a missionary.

We have a teaching pool of nine investigators and with all of the potentials we have lessons with by the end of the next week we should have 13 in our teaching pool! Yay for missionary work! Life is so good.

What I learned this week:

Sundays make you homesick
It feels good to be good!
Don't try running up the side of a canal when it's covered in snow. You will fall on your face. (I learned from experience)
When the day is hard, come home and make smores--even if it's just with a fork and an open oven. (It's my favorite thing to do with Sister Robertson)


Sister Lundskog
With Christina before transfers in January

Christina's cute son

At transfers in January with Sister Richardson
Tucking in Sister Robertson at night
Keeping it fun. Acting like an Indian. Can't remember why

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