Monday, February 24, 2014

Simplicity, Small Intestines, and Solving Problems

Dear Family-

Well, this week was one heck of a week. I learned a lot but I am glad it is over. On Monday, we had our Zone Pday and I was really nervous because our zone is super awkward and I have a hard time with some of the sisters in our zone. But, it turned out really fun. Sister Fisher was there and her companion, Sister Heaps, is the coolest. The four of us had a blast. I got everyone to come play around the world ping pong with us and it was so much fun. The elders weren't being awkward and everyone was playing a game TOGETHER instead of being in groups and we had a ton of fun.
This is a pic of Sister Robertson and I hiding in the back of Sister Fisher's truck so we
 could scare her after our Zone Pday! We got her good!
Awkward story of the week. We had a dinner on our dinner calendar with a family and Sister Robertson hates calling members so I had to do it. We called the number on the ward list and the husband answers and I introduced myself and yada yada. He said, "Oh, you must need my wife. We are getting a divorce." He then hung up on me. Sooo awkward. Ugh!

This week we worked a lot with the youth and that was super cool. This ward has a really good youth group--over 100 kids in Primary. It's a lot like our ward at home. On Tuesday night, we helped with the activity day girls. They all came with a question that they have been asked by someone at school like "How many moms do you have?" or "Why don't you wear tank tops?" or "Can you play with me on Sunday?" We helped them come up with good answers to respond with. I was shocked at the questions these girls get asked! Oh my goodness. It was cool though cause then we did a day in the life of a missionary and we talked about what we did and how we can prepare for a mission and we asked them if they were planning on going on a mission. Almost all 15 of them raised their hands. How cool is that? It was just really cool to see how many girls are wanting to serve missions and are preparing for it.

Then, on Wednesday we worked with the Young Men and the elders and this activity was super. The point of the activity was to help prepare them to be missionaries and to help them see a little bit of what it is like to teach. The elders started off and did a role play to show how we teach just one principle. The elders did the Book of Mormon. We had them split into groups of three and they taught us and their leaders. I had the funniest three boys. One of them starts off and just goes all into the whole story talking about the ghost of Moroni and just how many years it took and the other two just sat there and stared at us. We paused the role play and we talked to them about simplicity. We broke it down like this. If you could use one sentence to tell me about the Book of Mormon, what would you say? He answered that it's a record about the ancient people of America. I said good but if you could say in one sentence what the point of the Book of Mormon was, what would you say (hint, is on the cover of the Book of Mormon) and he replied "Another Testament of Jesus Christ". We helped them realize that they don't need the whole shebang. They just need to know of its divinity and its testimony of Jesus Christ. Then, we redid the role play and it was awesome to see them be simple and bear testimony and then invite us to read it. We have some awesome future missionaries in this ward. Then, we had to get up in front of all of them and we had to show an example of bearing testimony and inviting and promising blessings which was neat.

Our lock on our front door is broken. The other day it wouldn't turn. We were locked in our apartment! haha Luckily, we have a sliding door so we were able to get out. But it was funny. Also we had the biggest and most disgusting spider on our wall. I don't know if I said that in my last email but it was gross. Sister Robertson killed it and there is still a shoe print on our wall. She is my hero!

This week we are running really low on miles so we walked everywhere and we visited a lot of less actives. We visited this one less active whose name is Cuquee. I wanted to punch her. She was just saying the worst things about the church. She asked for a ride somewhere and we told her we can't give people rides in our car. It's a mission rule. She said "I bet if a general authority came and you didn't give him a ride in your car then your membership to the church would be questioned"....haha, ah no. She said all our tithing goes to pay to build huge malls all over the US and huge hotels by temples and stuff. She asked us if we are tracting and we said yes but we are also trying to work a lot through members. She said that she was going to have to write to President Monson and tell him to fix this. She was crazy and I was getting really irritated. So, we decided that it would be a good idea to leave.

It rained! We had a huge lightning storm and you know I just loved that. We made smores and watched it from our patio. It was pretty awesome and the rain reminded me of home.

Another cool thing this week. I saw someone's intestines! Carrie is a member of our ward and she is bipolar and has ADHD so she is a little different. I had a hard time with her at first but now I love her. Anyway, she has been having problems with her small intestines and she got super stressed and overworked the other day because of family problems that came up and her small intestine just came out of the side of her stomach. I don't even know how to explain it. So we went to visit her at the hospital and she had us look at her small intestines coming out of her stomach. I thought Sister Robertson was going to pass out! But, I learned something cool. The reason they came out was they were swollen and so they had to shrink them to push them back in and stitch her up. If you put sugar and ice on them, they will shrink! So she didn't even have to get surgery. It was pretty cool. haha

Sister Robertson and I had a really hard time together this week. I don't really know why but I think we just started to see the opposite parts of our personality conflict. We do have a lot in common and we get along great but until this week we haven't seen the opposites in our personalities play out. I have come to the conclusion that I don't know how anyone gets married. Oh my lanta. It is so hard dealing with another person sometimes and we can't get away from each other and it just....uh. I love Sister Robertson. We get along the best out of all of my companions and we have talked about rooming together in college and everything. But, man it is hard to try and make things work sometimes. I guess she was really struggling this week with things and I knew she was but when I would ask her she wouldn't tell me. Oh my lanta, it was so hard to try and help someone you didn't know how to help because she wouldn't confide in me and it created problems with different things not even related to the main problem. That was hard but we worked it out. We had a good heart to heart conversation. It was good to finally have her talk to me even if she was telling me all the things she couldn't stand about me cause then at least we had somewhere to go from there. I could fix things and try and help her and we could resolve the problem.

Man, can you believe in two ish weeks I will hit my half year mark? I will be 1/3 of the way done with my mission. It is crazy how time flies. So many changes and so many more to come but at least we know our Father in Heaven is taking care of us on each and every step.

Things I learned this week:
You cannot pick and choose the parts of the gospel you do or don't want to follow. It doesn't work like that.
Being married sounds like the hardest thing in the world.
If you are feeling low visit a family with a dog.
Change is hard. It always will be but if the Lord is in it, we need not fear.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I hope you all will have a good week. I hope you know how much I love you and how much I love this gospel. This really is the greatest work that could ever be done. I love being a missionary!!


Sister Lundskog
I got to hold a member's python snake. It will get to be about six feet long!
Me and my awesome companion

I came around the corner the other day and Sister Robertson had fallen asleep
while folding her wash. Missionary work is tiring, folks!

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