Monday, February 3, 2014

Moses 1:39 and Ice Storms

Dear Family-

Hey there, family! I hope all is well. I hope you are staying warm cause it is so cold here! Oh my goodness, I hate the winter! It's the adversary of missionary work. Anyway, this week has been crazy and I hope I can keep all my thoughts straight cause I kind of had a rough week.

Monday and Tuesday nights, I didn't sleep at all cause I was just crazy nervous. But, we got to transfer meeting on Wednesday and we come around the corner and the first person I see is Sister Fisher! So that made my day. I just ran and gave her a huge hug! Man, it was like we were companions again. We just stayed together the rest of the meeting. She is training this girl from Utah. She is super pretty...intimidating pretty. She seemed nervous and I tried talking to her. I hope she loves Sister Fisher like I did. She really is an amazing trainer.

My companion actually wasn't at transfer meeting. So I had to find her companion and her companion helped me find the member that she rode there with so I could ride back with her. It was so sad saying goodbye to everyone. I was trying so hard not to cry and I felt really stupid for having a hard time in the first place. It was bitter sweet because I was really excited to go somewhere new but Carondelet will always have a special place in my heart. That was home to me for so long so I was just really nervous. But, I said bye to everyone and Elder Wunderli and Sister Moen. The ride here took about an hour and 45 minutes. We stopped at Steak and Shake with some other missionaries. They all knew each other and I felt somewhat unincluded and one of the sisters kind of made fun of me so I just sat there awkwardly by myself and just talked with the members who gave us rides. Maybe I was just a little sensitive because I was out of my comfort zone. But, then I slept in the car all the way to our area. I hope the member didn't mind cause I just passed out. I was so tired.

My new companion is Sister Robertson. Oh my goodness, I love her so much! We are going to have a blast this transfer. I am pumped and so blessed because she made the transfer so easy from an old area to a new area. She is the funniest little thing. She just graduated last year and she turned 19 last September. She is way young. She is from Ogden, Utah. I just love her. I don't even know how to describe her except that she is one amazing missionary. I feel like I just got done with training and she is follow up training me. I am excited for this transfer!

So, unfortunately, church was cancelled this Sunday because we had a huge ice storm so I can't really tell you what the ward is like. But, I am in Columbia and Highlands is just...I don't know how to describe it. I was in St. Louis City but I was in the Carondelet area and there was also Shrewsberry, Maplewood, and Webster Groves areas. This is Highlands and there are a couple of other areas in Columbia. We are right next to Mizzuo. I am living in a college town right now. We aren't assigned in the YSA Ward so I am not working with the college kids. We are working with the families that live here. But, we live around a ton of college kids and WalMart is crazy. It's like being back in Rexburg except they aren't as nice as the kids there....haha. All I know is that our area and ward is middle class to upper class. They are super into missionary work so I am excited. I can't even remember how many investigators we have. It's around 8 or something which is way cool and I am excited to get to start teaching again.

Our apartment is super nice. Way nice but we have a problem with spiders. I say a prayer every night that there won't be any spiders in our apartment and there has not been one since I have been here. haha

This week I was sick. Starting Wednesday, actually, I wasn't feeling good. But, I just had a cold and a cough but I couldn't sleep and I was just dying. I couldn't breathe and couldn't stop coughing and I was just exhausted and so Sunday I just felt like a horrible missionary cause I just couldn't do it. Saturday night, we were able to go get me some medicine. I took NyQuil that night and just passed out and slept for half the day on Sunday and then we went out and worked that night. It was so hard though because of the Superbowl . No one wanted to talk to us. But, hey, I am not sick anymore! I just needed to sleep for a little and take medicine and then I was good.

As I said, we had a huge ice storm like the one we had in Washington that one time. Apparently, they get that a lot here. Everything everywhere was covered in an inch of ice. It was crazy! We had to have cars parked until noon and so we went tracting on foot and I fell a lot. My body just hurt. It was embarrassing. My companion has these awesome ice things you put around your shoes that have picks on the bottom so you don't slide and she just pulled me everywhere. It was great. We had parked in our apartment parking lot and it was on a hill. There were two rows facing away from each other. We had to drive somewhere but first we had to chisel our car out of the giant ice cave it was encased in. We had to hold onto the car because if you didn't you would slide down the hill. Let's just say I ate it face first into the concrete. I have a beautiful bruise right on my chin! It was embarrassing and I kind of just slid down the hill on my stomach. My companion said "One minute you were there and the next you were gone!" I had to back the car out on this hill. I was way nervous. I was saying prayers like crazy. I start backing down this hill and I push on the brakes and they wouldn't was too icy. My foot is all the way down on the brake and I am just sliding down this hill towards the cars that are parked at the bottom and I was praying. Oh my goodness, I was so scared. I mean they let me drive the mission car finally and I thought I was going to crash it on day three. But, it was such a miracle. It stopped like an inch from hitting the parked car behind us. Miracles really do happen! Let's just say I drove like a grandma for the rest of the day. I made people go around me. No more scary sliding stories since. (Editor's note: Many people, including us, have now given her instructions on how to pump the brakes)

That's all I can really think of that happened this week. I met my district and they are the most awkward set of missionaries ever. I don't know if any of them have worked with sisters before because they don't know how to act with us around. We are like a weird species to them. Sister Robertson said they always exclude them from everything. I told her we are gonna change that. But, there are a ton of missionaries here. There are like 20 here at the library today. I am excited because we have zone conference this week.

Anyway, I love you guys all so much! I hope you are all well and keep being awesome missionaries. I have started a journal and it's my "What I Have Learned" journal. I just want to share a few that I have written so far.

Freezing rain is exactly what it mean. Freezing rain.
Take everything one day at a time.
You feel the Spirit the strongest when you are laughing
Sleep is a beautiful thing

God said "This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the eternal life of man". As missionaries we are doing the exact same job as God himself. That is a beautiful thing.

I love you all! You're in my prayers and I miss you lots! xoxoxox

Sister Lundskog

PS. Oh! I almost forgot! I was kind of having a hard time and we were at a recent convert's house. She is super interesting. She has ADHD and is bi-polar so she is a little different and I was feeling a little homesick for Carondelet. But, I was trying to be engaged and so I was talking to her about her favorite hymn. She pulls up this Mormon message. It's the one about "I Am a Child of God". I'm just watching it, you know, and guess who is in it? Grandpa and Grandma Lundskog!! Can you believe it? They are in the Mormon message. I just started crying. I was like "That's my grandpa and grandma!" Oh my goodness, I just couldn't help it. I just started crying. Isn't it crazy how Heavenly Father will send little tender mercies to remind you why you are here?!

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