Monday, February 10, 2014

Keep It Simple

Dear Family-

So this week was a rough one and I have to be honest, I am glad it is a new week! But, I did learn a lot so that is good. We had more snow storms this week and the cars were grounded. My days are kind of mixing together. Sister Robertson and I decided it would be awesome if we could have a crystal ball to see what all the other missionaries were doing in this weather. All of our appointments canceled Tuesday and Wednesday so it was really rough trying to figure out what we could do. But, I finally met some of our investigators.

"H": "H" is Muslim but not really practicing. ? I don't really know how to explain it but he is cool. He is in his late 20's and has a wife and a baby girl. He is super intellectual. He kind of met with us on the pretense of interfaith relations kind of a thing. He has done a lot of that and has worked with a lot of other religions and he loves how much Mormons serve. He asked lots of cool questions and he shared a lot about his faith. It was cool cause it was very interactive and he is approaching it in such a logical way. He was like "Hey, I have tons of friends that would totally be down to meet you and I will invite them". So, next time there might be a ton of friends at his home as well...which would be awesome.

"F": He is from Africa. I don't remember where but he speaks English and French. He is in his 20s and he is so cool. He seems genuinely interested and he has a very simple knowledge of Christ. Funny story...his friend lives in Fayette and Sister Fisher is teaching his friend right now. So she is teaching his friend and I am teaching "F" which is kind of cool!

"D": "D" is in her late 40s to early 50s. She is a piano teacher and she is Catholic. She thinks Joseph Prince receives the word of God and thinks he is the greatest man to ever walk the earth. Anyway, she just like attacked me. It was the worst lesson I have had my whole mission. The elders that used to teach her for some reason told her about Michael becoming Adam and she just was asking me all of these deep questions that I didn't have the answer to. It made me so frustrated. Then she was asking about the temple and why we exclude people and then she was asking about wine and why we can't drink it. I said it was a commandment from God. She got all mad and said it wasn't and was pulling out the bible (which wasn't the King James version) and I was so thankful for Sister Robertson who took control of that lesson. I just got quiet. She is one of those who has to know the answer to everything and it frustrates me because I have never been like that. You don't need to know the answer to everything people! Anyway, she is a daughter of God and I am studying like crazy this week to teach her the plan of salvation and to use everything from the Bible.

"F" Family: We are teaching LF who is 9 years old and they are just an awesome family. I love them. The mom, who has a different last name, was married to a man who was LDS and so her 16 and 11 year olds are both baptized. The husband molested the daughter and so her is in jail now. Sister Robertson and Sister Webster found the mom and started teaching her but her kids were in foster care in California at the time. She wasn't progressing but when the kids came she wanted them to teach and baptize her 9 year old son. She takes all of them to church every Sunday. During the last lesson she was actually participating in the lessons with us. There is something special there. Sister Robertson says you can see a change in her. I just love them though. It breaks my heart though because at church we saw the daughter with the young women and she looked so alone. None of them would talk to her. She is a little different and she isn't rich like the rest of the girls in the ward but I just want her to have friends. She needs to feel welcome.

"C": She is 22 and she is marrying a less active who is reactivating. They are interesting. He has already been married and has two kids and is way older than her. I only met her once and we didn't really get to teach her but she is super nice. Really pretty. She kind of seems interested for the time being but she doesn't seem to have a solid testimony. I hope we can help her gain one.

So, those are the investigators that I have met so far this week. I felt like it was an awesome week because with the investigators and with the less actives we had 10 lessons which is more than I had in my last area every week but Sister Robertson says that they roughly average 20 lessons per week. This is what we are supposed to have every week. But we met a lot of people this week who are potentials and we worked well for what the weather gave us.
Sister Robertson all bundled up to go
Sister Robertson & me in the car
This week we also had a zone conference. It was so awkward. I went from a zone where we were all super loud and really good friends to a super quiet one where no one really talks to each other. It made me frustrated. I didn't like feeling like a stranger and everyone was just so....I don't know how to describe it. But, we also had a big change. President Morgan changed the music policy which was annoying but is all good. We now are only allowed to listen to MOTAB during the week and on Mondays we are only allowed to listen to music found on So that awesome CD that Allie made for me I can no longer listen to. Sister Robertson and I have been listening to her Christmas CD that is MOTAB but also has David Archuleta. We have been doing a lot of singing. People were really upset about the change which, I mean, I wasn't happy about but it's just 13 months. I think I'll survive.

I had Church this Sunday! It was awesome to be able to finally meet the ward. It is a big ward and it reminded me a lot of our home ward. A good mix of families and lots of super active members. Half of the women are returned missionaries. It was just really different from Carondelet. I don't know how much I liked it but I know I'll grow to love them. I didn't like Carondelet at first either but now I miss them so much! It just takes time. But, it is a really good ward with so much potential for missionary work.

It snowed when we were in church and the exit has like a mini slope. I pushed on the brakes and the car did not stop. So I started tapping them but it was just not stopping. Somehow it stopped like a cm from the car in front of us. That was such a blessing. That would have been horrible if I had hit a member's car. Later that day, we got stuck. We were at a member's home for dinner and they had to come push us out. That was super embarrassing! Also, Sister Robertson broke our toilet...well, one of them...and it was overflowing all over the bathroom. haha
Toilet probs

Here are some things that I learned this week:

Sister Robertson is a good friend
Stay true to yourself. That is what matters at the end of the day
We are more durable than we think!
Prayers are always answered

and lastly....The gospel is simple. So keep it simple.


Sister Lundskog
Carondelet's Ward Mission Leader & his wife

I found Oregon Street

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