Monday, March 24, 2014

Hope in Every Situation

Hey there, crazy family! I miss you guys like crazy and I hope all is well. I know you have been really stressed with moving and doing college visits and Dad working at his new job. Wooohoo! Makes me glad to be a missionary and only focusing on the Lord.

This week was a little rough. We only taught three lessons to investigators this week and didn't hit any of our goals. We were dropped by two investigators so it's been rough. Isabella had set a baptismal date and everything and now says that she wants to wait until her dad is out of prison to get baptized and that won't be for a year. We don't really understand why she wants to wait or what the point is to that but that's what she wants so we have to respect that. That was a little heart breaking.

Wanda has been absolutely amazing. It's gonna take a lot to help her find the truth in this church cause she has some deep roots in her church now. Her brother is the pastor and her sister is a missionary for that church. But, she takes our lessons very seriously. It has been the coolest experience working with her. You can feel the spirit so strong when we have lessons with her and I have faith that her conversion is all in the hands of the Lord.

So, last P-day we played soccer, basketball, football, and a ton of different games for five hours. I could not walk the next day. It was so sad! I am so out of shape! But, it is slowly starting to warm up (except they said that we are gonna get snow today) so I can start running in the mornings which would make my mornings better! However, Sister Tonnies is not sporty or athletic at all so she said she will sit and stretch on our back porch and I can run back and forth in the parking lot across the street. I'll take what I can get. Haha

This week we are soooo short on miles so we have done a lot of walking and a lot of tracting! But, man I totally feel like the classic missionary when I am walking cause that is always what I think when I think of missionaries...they are walking. I tried really hard to keep it fun cause Sister Tonnies is still having a hard time adjusting to missionary life a little bit. She can't take 40 minute showers anymore cause she only has an hour to get ready and I would like warm water. She can't sit and sing in the bathroom when I'm trying to study cause then I can't study. We can't just drive around whenever we have miles. We have things we have to stick to. Sometimes she is a little spoiled which is probably exactly what Sister Fisher thought about me. So, I just tried to keep it fun by chasing squirrels and asking her random questions. It was good. I loved to be able to be out and about.

This week was a little rough as I got more accustomed to my new companion. It's hard when you first come out cause you're kinda spoiled back at home. You all of the sudden have to be very aware of everyone you affect. It's been cool to see her slowly change to focusing more outward than inward. I have had to say a lot of prayers and ask for a lot of patience this week. It is hard sometimes because we just think so differently and have been raised so differently. Sometimes, I just get frustrated even though I understand why she does things the way she does but it is still hard to tolerate sometimes. But, I have just worked hard to find things we do have in common or things she loves and interest her and be engaging with those things so that she feels included and loved while she is here. I don't ever want her to feel excluded even if sometimes I just can't get along with her. I remember a friend gave me advice before I left on my mission. Well, he didn't really know he was giving it to me but what I learned from him is that you can make it work with every companion you are with. Even if you don't really like them you can have fun and learn to respect and love them.  It is all about if you want to or not. You have to try. Sometime we have this misconception that love and tolerance comes easy but it doesn't. It is only through Christ that we learn to have charity. Sometimes you actually have to work to love someone. I'm just praying and doing my best. I have those times where I just want to run away from her but it can be a great two transfers if I turn outward and not inward.

Anyway, this week has been awesome. I hope you all have a fabulous week as well!

What I learned:
Sometimes you don't realize what you have until it is gone
Be the bigger person even when you don't want to be
If you look for the negative, you will find it. If you look for the positive you will find it. It all comes down to your outlook on life. What are you going to search for? The good or the bad? The gospel teaches us to have hope, hope in every situation. We must never give up hope.

Love-Sister Lundskog

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