Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow, Cockroaches, and Finding Strength

Hey, Happy New Year! Sorry it is a little late. We couldn't email yesterday because all of the libraries and schools were closed due to the amount of snow we received.

So around 5am Sunday morning it started snowing and it did not stop until around 8pm Sunday night. We just got rocked by a huge snow storm. It was negative 4 degrees on Sunday and Monday. I know I was in much colder weather in Rexburg but it somehow does not even compete with how bad it was here. I wanted to die...haha.

On New Year's Eve we did nothing fun. We stayed in our apartment and watched the Joseph Smith movie (again). It is my favorite movie ever. I love it! But that's all we did and then we went to bed early. It was really, really nice to get some extra sleep.

Then this week we had Zone Leader Training. Everyone in the zone met for a big meeting and a lunch after. It was a good meeting and we played some fun games. That was the most exciting thing that happened this week.
My district leader and Sister Scott. Sister Scott and I might room together when we go back to BYUI.
OH! WE ALSO GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR! We tracked into her and her name is "J" and she is a 71 year old lady who was raised Pentecostal and Baptist and she has some mighty fine opinions. We knocked on her door and she asked if we were Jehovah Witnesses. We said "No, we are Mormons" and she said "Oh, but you Mormons don't believe in the King James Bible. We said "Actually, we do believe in the King James Bible. We have it right here." Then she proceeded to invite us inside. It was great. We taught her the whole first lesson and she told us that she has been praying for some friends because all her friends are passing away or going to nursing homes and we were an answer to her prayer! I just thought it was the coolest thing. She is a little crazy when she talks but for some reason I just loved that woman so much. When I was bearing my testimony to her I just was almost in tears. It was crazy. I just hope she keeps progressing. My only concern is she believes in the power of tongues and the power of healing and of casting out devils. We told her we believed in those too...just probably a little differently than her.

Then we had exchanges this week. On Friday, I went with Sister Minyard (my grandma) to her area in Fenton and Sister Richardson stayed with Sister Errington in our area. Guess what....I GOT TO DRIVE THE CAR! Woo hoo that was so much fun. I loved driving. The roads are crazy and stressful here but I loved being in control of the car for once. So that's what I got out of exchanges. (Just kidding) They gave a really good training and gave us a lot of good advice to help us find more people in our area so I am excited!
Exchange day
Oh ya, we helped a member of our ward move. I can't remember if I already told you but they are hoarders and it was the most disgusting thing of my life. Literally trash just piled all around the house and cockroaches everywhere. Anyway, we helped her move and then she asked us to come over and move stuff around the apartment for her. Just so you know she just has piles of crap all over her house. The elders were there, too, and we moved stuff to different spots in her house. She asked me to grab this clock like thing to carry over to a neighbors and I went to pick it up and it was covered in cockroaches! She left the room and I looked over at the elders and just was like "Help me". The elders were on exchanges so Elder Anderson who is from Ontario, Oregon sprayed it and kicked it and together we killed them all before she came back in the room. SO GROSS! But, hey, we helped her out, right? We can't really complain.

Then, this snow storm came in and church was cancelled and we had to park our cars but we had to keep working so that was super interesting. We were also told we had to somehow get the sacrament. Half our ward is still gone on winter break but most of the members live close to the church and the elders were at the church. So, we just walked there and we were all gonna go find someone to visit but we ended up just shoveling the church sidewalks and taking breaks to have our clothes dry off and our bodies thaw and that was pretty much our day. We got nothing done cause we were stuck pretty much and that was the coldest walk home of my life. We got snow burn on our faces because the wind was blowing so hard.
You can't tell but I was soaking wet here after walking home

This P day we just went to Sister "M's" and did laundry and we watched the movie Emma. Soooo good! If you have not seen it you must watch it. It is the best movie ever. So powerful.

Anyway, I just want to let you all know how happy I am to have been able to talk to you on Christmas. I know you probably believe me when I say that was the best Christmas gift I could have ever received. It's true. Being able to talk to my loving family who has inspired me and has helped me get through every day out here on my mission. Man, aren't we so blessed to have the gospel in our lives? Even when we are away from each other we know that we are sealed for time and for all eternity and nothing can separate us as a family. I am so happy to be a missionary! I just want to share a quote from the "Emma" movie that has really impacted me. She says, "Strength isn't something you just have. It is something that our Father in Heaven helps us find. Sometimes we have to find it day by day."

I love you to pieces!


Sister Lundskog
This is Stephen. He moved to Akron, Ohio last week....so sad!!
The arch at dusk. We took a couple of wrong turns and wound up in East St. Louis in Illinois. Sister Richardson gets lost a lot but it's ok cause it makes for cool pictures

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