Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"P" Days and Prayers

Dear Family-

Sorry that this is a day late. We couldn't email yesterday because all of the libraries and schools were closed for Martin Luther King day.

So I don't remember the girl's name that Uncle Bill met at BYU but I do remember her. I was on splits with the Webster Grove sisters and she actually knew a bunch of the girls that lived next door to me at college. The sisters actually just told me her story a couple of weeks ago and I totally forgot about it. She was cool. She was going to church for like three years but couldn't get baptized until she moved out of her mom's house so she probably went to BYU so quickly because she had such good examples as friends.

The train ticket you asked about was actually to go up in the arch. We went with a bunch of sisters from our zone (Crystal City, Oakville, and Sandy Creek sister missionaries). We all went to the arch together on our P-day last Monday and it was way fun. You get in these tiny white pod things and ride up to the top and it was cool but I got bored. Then we went to the museum underneath the arch explains about the westward expansion. It was nice but we stayed there for so freaking long. I am emailing you some pics.
We didn't have someone to take the photo so we all set our cameras on timers on the stairs. I started them all and then ran and jumped in.
Sister Scott
Sister Herdman
        Sister Richardson & I in the elevator pod         
Indians would wear bear skins when they went hunting
to blend in. Do I look like an Indian?

Oregon on the Lewis & Clark Trail
Good news. After Sister Richardson and I spent all week working really hard to knock on every door and to talk to everyone we saw, we got a call Monday morning with three new referrals. Although no one wanted to hear the message we had to share and shut the door on us, we were still blessed because we showed the Lord we were willing to work. The referrals actually lead to our new investigator this week. Kinda a bitter sweet experience. Her name is "N" and her sister referred her. Her sister had the same lifestyle as she does and then was baptized into our church in another ward up north. "N" was into drugs and actually had her son taken away from her. She went into rehab for a month and she has been working with sponsors and doing AA and just trying so hard to get her life back together. Our first lesson was just awesome and we got her a ride for church and everything so she could come. Then she told us that her aunt and niece were coming too because they wanted to learn more and we were just pumped! Then Sunday comes and she isn't there and she hasn't answered any of our calls which was hard but we will try and contact her this week and pray that she will open her heart up fully to the gospel.

A lot of our investigators pretty much are too busy to want anything to do with us right now. We can't really help them because they won't even answer us or let us come over so I think that this transfer has helped me learn the amazing virtue of patience that's for sure. We were able to meet with "A" this week. She is halfway through the Book of Mormon. Can you believe that? She just loves it. But her husband told her she wasn't allowed to attend church so we have no idea what we are going to do. That is going to be a huge obstacle to overcome but she said she is going to pray to know if it is true when she finishes it. If it is God's will I am pretty sure He is going to move mountains for her to be able to come to church. We just have to trust in the Lord and his timing.

This week we had President interviews. Not counting my incoming and exiting interviews, I will have six with him. I now have had two. We really didn't talk much. It's always awkward in interviews with the President. I never have anything to say because I am always pretty content with life. I hope that he thinks I am a good missionary!

For our P day yesterday we went to the City Museum. I can't wait to take you guys here sometime! I don't really know how to explain it but they took a huge building and literally made a giant jungle gym for adults. It was just the craziest thing ever. You go through all these caves and places where you are crawling and on your stomach and there is a ten story slide and you climb up rope swings. I just had a blast but now my knees, hips, and elbows are just covered in bruises and my arms hurt from pulling myself up everywhere. Justin would love it and I can't wait to show him that place someday. It was really fun because it was the last P day with Elder Banks. He leaves next Monday and I look up to him so much. He is by far one of the best missionaries I know and he has given so much of himself to this mission. We get along really well and we promised that when I get off my mission we are going to go do outdoorsy things because his family never did and so he never did. He is missing out on so much in life. It has been a blast serving with him. The city museum was fun because I got to hang out with Elder Wunderli and Elder Banks as well as Elder Jones and Elder Rouch and Sister Scott and Sister Herdman who are all in my district.
The City Museum with the St. Louis North and South Zones

Sister Richardson & I in our matching companion T-shirts
The other day, Sister Richardson and I were so tired we accidentally fell asleep during our morning prayers. It was for only 10 minutes but I had fallen asleep still sitting on my knees. I somehow woke up (I think because all the circulation was getting cut off to my feet). I realized what time it was and I tried to hurry and get out of bed but it hurt so bad. haha I haven't fallen asleep in a prayer for a really long time but this week was long and we worked so hard.

This week we also had to get checked for lice. I guess that there has been lice over in the eastern side of the mission and now they are just having sisters everywhere get checked to make sure that it isn't spreading. None of us in the south zone have lice so we are totally good. It was a waste of time.

We tracted into this guy the other day and we gave him our card and we got a text from him on Sunday. We got really excited because getting investigators from tracting is hard. Well, pretty much he just asked us to hang out and was asking us where we lived and our age and what we were doing and totally just wanted to talk to us because we are girls. We had to inform him that we don't "hang out" because we are missionaries 24/7. He didn't like that but he stopped texting us so we are all good there.

I love you all a lot. Your story made me laugh so hard. People were looking at me like I was weird here in the library but thank you for making me laugh. It felt good. I miss you guys a lot. A lot, a lot. I hope all is well this week and you know how much I love you. Remember our Father in Heaven hears every prayer we pray....no matter how small. Sometimes we don't even need to ask him anything. Sometimes our burdens can just be lightened as we sit and talk to Him. He is our best friend. I know this to be true. I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and I know He answers our prayers. I know because He answers mine and I can always count on Him. I love you and hope you have a great week.


Sister Lundskog

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