Monday, December 23, 2013

"These Are My People"

Dear Family-

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Can you believe it is Christmas Eve tomorrow? What? Where did the time go? Well, I wish I had a lot of cool, exciting stuff to tell you from this week but this week was actually worse than last week. Funny how that works. But, I am still happy to be a missionary and I love everyday being here, no matter how hard it gets.

So, I will start with Monday. Monday after we were done emailing, Sister Fisher and I were not feeling good but we had sooooo much to do. We went back to our apartment because Sister Fisher had to pack all of her stuff up and I had to pack all of mine because we were going to be moving apartments. We got to the apartment and Sister Fisher went into the other room and laid down on the bed because she did not feel good. I wasn't feeling good at all but I felt a lot more overwhelmed than her because I had to have everything of mine packed as well as everything in the apartment ready to go by Wednesday for my new companion to move into. I would pack and then I would have to stop and rest for a bit. I had super bad chills and my body hurt and I was so nauseous. I felt like I was getting strep all over again like last fall in Utah. It was horrible. Then, finally Sister Fisher got up and I couldn't take it anymore so I went and laid down for a half hour while she packed her stuff. To make things worse, when we left the STLs apartment that morning we accidentally grabbed their phone and left ours in their apartment. So, we went to Sister "M's" and called the AP and got permission for me to drive because Sister Fisher looked like she was going to pass out and I didn't care that I was sick too. I didn't want her to drive. It was a good thing because we would have been dead cause she was back seat driving me the whole time but everything she was saying was wrong. haha We weren't able to get a hold of the STLs but we left a message and we drove to their apartment and tried to open their sliding door but it was locked and they weren't home. So we slept in our car for three hours. Well, Sister Fisher slept and I couldn't sleep because my whole body would not stop shaking and we had like no gas left so we couldn't keep the car on and I just wanted to die. Anyway, the STLs finally came home and we went inside and went straight to bed. We just passed out. We took some medicine that helped and on Tuesday the STL took our phone and canceled all our morning appointments for us and made sure we slept so we slept in till 11am which was so needed. We were feeling a lot better and I still don't know what it was we had but we were able to finish all of Sister Fisher's packing (this girl brought her house with her....hahaha...SO MUCH STUFF). Then, we went out to dinner with Sister "M" and the STLs for Sister Fisher's last night here. We went to some restaurant that makes their own sodas. Sister Fisher and I had not eaten since Monday morning and I initially thought "This is awesome. I feel great." NO I didn't hold any of my dinner down. I know that's gross (Sorry) and Sister "M" is the craziest driver. Super fast and jerky. I finally had to yell out to her "Sister M, if you don't slow down, you're gonna have throw up all over your car." She laughed but she slowed down which was nice and then the rest of the night I felt awful again. But, I am good now! YAY!
Dinner with Sister "M" and the STLs on Sister Fisher's last night
Sisters for life
Goofing around with the STLs
On Wednesday, we had transfer meeting which was cool to go to one where I wasn't the greenie. There were lots of people there that I got to see. I had fun and I met Sister Richardson. She is from Price, Utah and she went to the University of Utah and she is 21. I kept losing both Sister Richardson and Sister Fisher. I forgot how crazy the parking lot is after everyone is trying to move their stuff from one car to another and especially the sisters. Holy cow, did you need to bring your whole house? Seriously, girls pack a lot and I am soooo glad I was a light packer. Anyway, I definitely cried saying bye to Fisher and I miss her like crazy. She was such a good friend to me and we are going to be sisters for life. That is so true. I hope all is well with her out in Fayette. She is driving a truck now and is in a branch instead of a ward. haha

Anyway, Sister M took Sister Richardson and I out to lunch after the transfer meeting and I ate a little and then I decided that wasn't a good idea. We had to go back to our apartment and move all of our stuff to the old elder's apartment. I am still in the same apartment complex, just a different building. The assistants had the mission van and they just came over to help us. They are the coolest guys. They are so nice and help us out so much. Of course, Elder Banks is always making fun of me but it's okay cause I give him a hard time back. This is his last transfer! Anyway, it took forever to move everything over because we had to take all the beds and the microwave and everything. Then we went and had to go grocery shopping and then came back to clean the apartment. Let me tell you, I will never move into an apartment that elders used to live in ever again. Seriously disgusting! Like, come on, that's so gross. We spent three hours cleaning and hardly got anything put away before it was time for bed. I was so annoyed.
Our new apartment

Sister Richardson and I in our new apartment
On Thursday, we had four appointments scheduled and every single one of them got canceled. What made it so hard is that Sister Richardson came from an area that had 21 investigators to our area that has 4. She let me know how she felt about it and man, I got so defensive of my area. These are my people. They may be a little rough around the edges and come off as hard to love but look at their lives. Most people here are working 2 or 3 jobs just to feed their family. All they know is drugs and gangs and honestly I bet at least 1 or 2 out of five people here know someone who has been shot. Most people here don't have good families or any support system. Life is hard. There are no jobs and things don't come easily. This isn't Poplar Bluff where everyone just lives on government money and lives in government paid homes and don't have any jobs so you can stop by at anytime and see them because everyone opens their door in the country. I didn't realize how much I loved these people until I felt like it was being threatened and I did get a little feisty in my retort. But, it wasn't too bad, no hard feelings. We went out all day Thursday and all day Friday and all day Saturday knocking on doors. We would go to a less actives home and try to visit them. Then we can knock on all the doors around their home. Then, we went to the next less active or part member home. We tried to visit all our referrals. No one answered their doors. No one is home for the holidays. No one wants to talk to you during the holidays and for most people here it's not different than any other week and they are just at work and not home. So, that was fun....but I kept a positive attitude. We spent a lot of time with recent converts and tried our best to see all those we could. It's gonna work out, it always does. I know without a doubt that Christ is right there with us. When I get on my knees at night to tell Him about my day and how frustrated I am, I know He gets it. He is there and He gets it. I don't have to worry. I can sleep at night now because I gave what I could and I know that something will come of every effort we make. Maybe something won't come as in a new investigator or a baptism down the road. Maybe what will come is a stronger testimony of hard work or maybe it will make us better companions or maybe we will get better at door approaches or maybe nothing will come but freezing fingers and toes and zeros for our numbers at the end of the day. But, man, I do love being a missionary. What could be greater than this? I love these people so much and I don't want anyone to feel alone this Christmas. I am so thankful that you sent that rose for "H". She is going to be so happy. I told her that you guys were sending something and she got excited and she said "that will be my only Christmas present this year."

I love "H" so much. Honestly, her story and what she has done for me and for others and I don't ever want to hear someone ever say that they won't accept the gospel because of something bad. "H" had every horrible thing that could possibly happen in this life happen to her and she still believes in God and she accepted the gospel. You should see what it is doing for her. You can not deny the love of Christ that comes from this gospel. It changes lives. It is changing mine and I am so happy. No matter how hard it gets, I am happy.

We also finally got that Arabic Book of Mormon in! We put a little bow on it and took it over to "A's" home. We gave it to her and she looked so happy and she asked if we could come back later. We did and we were finally able to have another lesson with her! It was so awesome. We just had a lesson on the Book of Mormon and her 14 year old daughter translated for us. We asked her to read and pray abut it and she said that she would. She told us that she had already started reading it since that morning and I just love her family. She has a son that is Justin's age and one that is 11 and they are so funny. We invited their family to church (they didn't come) but they were so excited to come. I really hope we can find a way to overcome this language barrier. I want her to have the gospel so badly! Crazy how quickly you fall in love with people!

So funny story of the week. We were getting home Thursday night and we were walking up to our apartment and there was this guy there and I just said hello and we went into the apartment. Twenty minutes later, there was a knock on our door so I answered it and it was him and he was so high it wasn't even funny. He asked if he could borrow our phone to call his friend. I gave him our phone and his friend didn't answer. I started saying goodbye and shutting the door and he said "Wait, by chance do you have a boyfriend?" I just started laughing because I was so caught off guard. I said "No, I don't but as missionaries we don't date anyone." He laughs and said something along the lines of "I didn't say anything about dating" or "We don't have to date". I just laughed and was like "Sorry, Dude, I'm serving the Lord and only the Lord right now" and he just laughed and said "Aw, I see". I said goodbye and shut the door. Thirty minutes later he come back but we did not answer the door this time. haha I was laughing forever after. I thought it was the funniest thing and I am so glad he was high so I won't have to deal with him because he probably won't remember our encounter.

Also, I got an email this morning from some random missionary. He is serving in England and he saw my profile on and thought he would email me. This is the third time that has happened! Oh my lanta!

I can't wait to see you all in two days! Yay! I am so excited to Skype and get to talk to you. You guys are so awesome and I hope all is well and I will hear from you soon!

Love-Sister Lundskog

PS. Oh, you asked why I sometimes sign "Sister Lundy". Some members here call me Lundy because no one can ever say my name. They call me Lundy or they just point at me and say "You" or "Sister" so that is fun.

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