Monday, December 16, 2013

Leaky Ceilings and Learning to Follow

Dear Family-

It is so good to hear from you and I am so happy everyone is doing well! Sounds like Allie is having a blast and you guys had a great time in Mexico! I am really happy you got to have a fun vacation. I bet it was warm. I'm so jealous. We got 5 inches of snow this week and it's been really cold. I know five inches isn't a lot but if you add humidity and wind chill, it's a whole other story. It's really hard to stay warm in a skirt!

This week has been extremely rough. Honestly struggled a lot. One thing after another fell apart. The week started good. On P-day we were supposed to go ice skating but the zone leaders (this is why guys shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of activities) didn't plan very well and the ice skating rink didn't even open till 4pm and P-days end at 6pm. We played games at the church instead and then all of us sister missionaries spontaneously decided to go ice skating. It was fun. It was Sister Fisher's first time and I have some pretty funny pics and videos. SHE FELL ALOT! haha I only fell once and that was because Sister Scott skated into me but I actually did pretty good for how long it has been since I've skated.
Ice Skating with my zone sisters

Sister Fisher and I are best friends!

This is how Sister Fisher spent most of her time at the rink  :)
The one good thing that came this week is we got a new investigator. Her name is "S" and she is from Africa. She has been in the US since 2001 and has lived everywhere! Florida, Cali, New York, North Carolina. She has visited Portland. A member brought her to church which was awesome and she totally wanted to meet with us. The bad thing is that when we came for our second lesson she was sick so she didn't really want to listen to us so we kept it super short. It was just kinda sad cause we were pumped cause our first lesson had been such a powerful lesson. But, I guess that's the way it works sometimes.

So, here's the embarrassing story of the week. We had a dinner appointment with the elder this week. Remember that the elders in our ward are the APs. So we were at this tiny table and Elder Wunderli was sitting next to me and we were sitting super close and Sister Fisher was on my other side. Anyway, I was brushing off my skirt and I touched his leg. Inside, I was freaking out. I mean, everything went through my head....completely unlikely stuff like "Oh my gosh they are going to send me home!" I was panicking because they already make me kind of nervous. After, when we walked out I was like "I am so sorry for hitting you" and he just busted up laughing. Ya, they just made fun of me but I felt really bad. haha

This week we lost almost all of our investigators and potentials. Three moved. One's wife told us if we came back she would call the cops on us. One of our investigators, "S" is going to the Elders cause he is actually in their area. His baptism was supposed to be this Saturday but it fell through again. We have been doing so much contacting of less actives and part members and no one is ever home. Every appointment we set fell through. Our numbers this week made it look like we hadn't done anything all week but we tried. Then I found out that my best friend from the MTC went home because she was super sick and that broke my heart. It was just super rough and then it snowed which made it cold and it caused some problems in our apartment.
Helping Sister "H" decorate her tree
On Friday, our ceiling started leaking. It was leaking from the light fixture right over my bed. So we hurried and moved everything. My bed was soaking wet and so we called maintenance. They came over and the water in the light was super hot so he could not get the light off so he just told us he would come back once it cooled down but that no one would probably be there till Monday. He leaves and never comes back. On Saturday, our ceiling and the par where the walls come together started to bubble and now water was leaking from there. But, it hadn't gotten too bad so we thought we were okay. Anyway, we left the whole day and then we came home at 7 or 8pm and we opened the door and our bucket is overflowing. We freaked out because there was a steady stream coming from the light and dripping from the ceiling and the walls are soaked. We hurried and emptied the bucket and called the on call dude and he said he would be there in 20 minutes. In the meantime, we were talking to "H" who is like our mom and she freaked on us. She told us we needed to turn all the lights off now and unplug everything. She said that we were going to have an electrical fie from the water being on the exposed parts of the wire. We then called the mission office and they told us to pack to leave and take all our valuable stuff because the apartment could really go up in flames if anything sparked it. So we packed frantically in the dark getting the clothes that we could and then the maintenance guy came and said he couldn't do anything till Monday and we couldn't stay there. He turned off all our electricity and stuff. All our food has probably gone bad in our fridge now. Just a really, really stressful day. We are now staying with the STLs at their apartment. It has been fun living out of half a suitcase and sleeping on the floor.
Our little leak on Friday became....
...a larger leak on Saturday.
Saturday night was transfer calls but we were already with the STLs so they just told us. Sister Fisher is going to Fayette, MO and her companion will be my companion from the MTC, Sister Rouse. Sister Fisher's companion from the MTC will be my new companion, Sister Richardson. She will be the senior companion. I didn't take that very well at all. I am a little upset that I couldn't stay positive but I honestly wanted to be called as a trainer. I felt like if I were called as a trainer then that meant I was a good missionary. Not being called as a trainer and having someone new come in as the senior companion made me feel so inadequate. I felt like I had not been a good enough missionary and I was upset. Sister Fisher had trained right after being trained and my "grandma", Sister Minyard, had trained right after being trained and all the way up my line and I seriously felt like a failure. I know this is super stupid and you probably won't all understand why I took it so hard but I have always been hard on myself and I wanted to be the best missionary ever. I just felt super inadequate. It's hard and super humbling to try and have faith that Heavenly Father is still proud of me and that He has a plan but I just want to be someone that is inspiring. I've always greatly admired those people and wanted to be one and that is hard for me to take. I guess Heavenly Father wants me to learn how to follow before I can lead. It's been an interesting and a hard experience trying to figure out what my strengths are. I see my weaknesses all the time but I can never see anything that I am good at. Having to go to church and having to tell everyone was hard. I guess it was a blow to my ego and I need to get over that....haha. I care too much about what people think of me.

It was a rough night cause I only had that small purple blanket that isn't long enough to cover me all the way so I laid on their floor curled up in a tiny ball just freezing to death! I did not sleep at all on Saturday night and then on Sunday I felt so sick. Right now I'm trying to fight a cold but I also have been getting nauseous so let's pray I am not getting sick!

I love you all so much. I am glad you are all doing well. It makes me so happy to hear. Thanks for having my back, especially when times get rough.


Sister Lundskog

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