Monday, November 11, 2013

Paperwork, Promptings, and Blessings

Dear Family-

So this week has been a very rough week but we have also been able to see all the amazing blessings from the Lord. He always sends a tender mercy when you feel like you can't feel any lower than you already do. Always stay positive and take everything day by day.

On Monday we went to the Science Center. It wasn't that cool, actually. Kind of a waste of a P-day but it was the last P-day all together as the three Carondelet missionary companionships so I enjoyed that. Now, we only have two sets of missionaries in our ward and our district leader, Elder Vincent (who was awesome), left. Elder Curtis is training and his greenie is named Elder Ivey. He is cool, a little bold for a greenie, but I guess that is good. haha

So with the new change in areas and everything we have been swimming in paperwork. We were given half of Webster Groves area and then we were given what used to be Carondelet 1's area book plus ours. We have been very overwhelmed because we have been bombarded with referrals and investigators and less actives to take care of now. We are doing our best to stay on top of it. Our less actives number shot up so now we have even more and they are all in our area so we are just....we don't know what to do. But, we are going to take it one day at a time. The Lord will provide a way for us to get everything done we need to. We just have to trust Him. Sometimes, I forget to remember who I am working for and that my "boss" isn't going to ask me to do something and not provide a way for it to be accomplished.
Swimming in new paperwork
This is our whiteboard. We write down everything that we are going to do for the week when we weekly plan. We started from scratch and I wrote all of this.
The good thing about the changes is that some of the less actives have been coming back. The new change has helped spark our new ward with new leaders so missionary work is just jumping leaps and bounds. We will now be having two baptisms this month. They are two investigators from Webster Groves that are now in our ward and both of them are awesome. They are both girls and I've only met each of them once but we should be transitioning to teaching them soon. One is getting baptized on the 16th and the other on the 30th.

We are hoping to set a date for one of our investigators on the 23rd and we set a date with Stephen! Guess what? We had been told wrong by our zone leaders and we found out from the assistants that Stephen didn't need permission from the First Presidency. So, we set a date for December 14th. Hopefully, he will be moved out of his apartment by then. I am so happy it's not even funny! So you asked me what I bought at Goodwill. Well, it was his birthday this week so we bought him two ties and were able to get some white shirts for him. Haha We were so excited to give it to him. He is so awesome! I love him.

We visited a new less-active this week who moved into our ward and I don't know how to spell this. The Webster sisters would go over and crochet? The thing with the needle and yarn. They would go do that with this lady every other week. know me....I don't do stuff like this. I don't do girly and I ain't a grandma yet (haha) but I just decided to have fun with it. Sister Fisher already knew how to do it but I think the Sister wanted to punch me because I just couldn't get it. It was so difficult and I wanted to just quit but she wouldn't let me. I was asking for help like every five seconds. Man, that is just not my thing. But, it made her happy and now we have a way to start talking to her to get her to come back to church. So many people have the belief that as long as they are spiritual or have been baptized then they don't need to come to church. They are "spiritual enough". If anyone has any suggestions on how to help investigators and less-actives see the importance and need for church I would love some advice. We have tried everything but maybe we just need a different angle.

This week we had -0- teaching appointments. Really made me feel for those missionaries that have like two teaching appointments their whole missions. We had 8 appointments that all fell through....every single one. It was an extremely rough week. But, like I said, the Lord will always provide blessings to those who give it their all. I'm going to go on a tangent but it will lead back to this, I promise. So, Rob came and visited which was awesome. Sister Fisher thinks he is the coolest ever!! Tell them thanks again and again for the birthday present and for taking us out to dinner. (Especially good food, not fast food) haha It was an Italian/Spanish restaurant and this little old lady, the owner, just freaked out when she saw us. She was so sweet. She saw our badges and she could really speak very good English but she kept saying "Sisters! Sisters!" I don't know why but I felt prompted to give her a Book of Mormon but I didn't. I'm sorry....I know, I know....I'm a horrible missionary! When we left the restaurant she hugged us and gave us kisses and Rob took a picture and I felt like we needed to share the gospel but I didn't. I am such a bad missionary! Then, when we were driving home, Sister Fisher said she felt prompted but didn't do anything so then we felt horrible. We were thinking that Rob probably thinks we are horrible missionaries. So, we prayed and we said we were sorry and we asked for another opportunity to be able to share the gospel with her. The next day, we went back to that restaurant and she was there and was just so excited to see us. She gave us huge hugs and was just so happy. I gave her a Book of Mormon and shared a small message with her and she almost started crying she was so happy. She acted as if no one had ever given her a gift before. When she opened the book and saw the picture of Jesus she kissed it and was saying thank you and kept hugging us and we just felt so blessed that we had a second chance. Today, we are going to call the office and ask the Spanish speaking missionaries to go visit her and her husband because we feel like they could help her more than we could. It was amazing how the Lord blessed us in such a way, even when we ignored those promptings.
Rob with Sister Lundskog and Sister Fisher at the Spanish/Italian restaurant
Sister Fisher and Sister Lundskog with the kind matriarch owner of the Spanish/Italian restaurant
Another tender mercy....we were given a referral from the office elders who got it from a member. We stopped by and she wasn't there so we decided to try again on Saturday night. We kind of missed her house so we got out and were walking and we saw this lady and she looked like she was going to go walk her dogs. She acted like she was scared of us and it didn't surprise us cause it was dark and the city is dangerous but I asked her if I could pet her dogs. I think she then realized that we were girls and didn't seem as scared. We were talking with her and petting her dogs and all of the sudden she said "Wait, are you missionaries?" She was looking at our badges and she actually happened to be the girl we were looking for. It was a small miracle. She asked if her friend had sent us and after we said yes she said "I knew it." She was so happy to meet us and we were able to set up an appointment to come see her. Before we left she said, "Man, it is a good thing I was outside cause if I had been inside I wouldn't have opened the door because I don't trust the city at night." She said that as we were walking towards her she was retreating to go back inside cause she didn't know who we were and when I started talking to her to pet her dogs she realized we were girls. It was amazing to see how the Lord had put us there precisely at that moment. Both of those moments happened one after the other and then we ended up sharing the gospel with one more person that night. We felt so blessed. They all happened on Saturday. The Lord blessed us at the end of that horrible week full of cancelled appointments. Man, I feel so blessed to be a missionary! I feel so blessed to have Sister Fisher as a companion. I honestly know we will be friends forever. We needed each other at this exact time in our lives. I have learned so much from her. She has truly blessed my life. We took that color book personality test and Sister Fisher was a 22 for blue. Haha. I think the mission has mellowed me out because I was a 16 for blue and a 14 for red and my yellow went up a little. I don't know if this will make sense to anyone but I know it will to you, Mom and Dad.

Anyway, I love you all. Keep sharing the gospel. It is the greatest way to find happiness and blessings. Quote that would encompass this week: When it gets too hard to stand, kneel. Remember your greatest tool to problem solve is to pray. He is our brother and our best friend and best friends always have each other's backs.


Sister Lundskog

PS. Here are some photos that Sister Fisher took with her camera. Some of them are from a few weeks ago. We helped the elders move to a different apartment the other day and they were given permission to take our car. We gave them the keys and they started to drive away. All of the sudden Sister Fisher says "They have our apartment key." She didn't even try to run that fast but she ran after them yelling "Wait!" and they peeled out and drove off. I, for some reason, thought it was the funniest thing ever and had to sit down in the middle of the parking lot cause I was going to pee my pants because I was laughing so hard. Sister Fisher thought it was funny so she took a picture of me.
Our Fall photo shoot....haha
Tree hugging
A few weeks ago at the Arch park on P-day with our zone, we found a large hole that I could fit in. Everyone had me get in and then they took pics :)
The arch was closed so Sister Fisher wanted to get a picture of me touching the arch....haha
At the trunk or treat with Mom's toys

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