Monday, October 7, 2013

Faith, Not Fear!!


Life is good! How did you like General Conference? It was amazing! So, I guess I'll start from last Monday and just let you know a little something from each day.

So here in Missouri, they have a big problem with mold. We were looking at our tiny window AC thing and we look in and it is covered in mold. So gross! It was blowing that mold right into our faces at night. So we had a little deep cleaning sesh and cleaned that sucker out. Haha

I am starting to really love this place. I had a hard time at first actually just cause I am not used to this. The people weren't really friendly and I was so sick of the smell of cigarettes and everything that looks like it is falling apart here. But, I started to humble myself and I truly am falling in love with everything and everyone around me. My favorite thing here in Missouri is the sky. You can see miles and miles in every direction and it truly makes you realize how insignificantly small we are and how in such a big world you could be so easily looked over. But, God sees and hears every single one of us. Anytime I am having a hard time and am feeling like coming home or giving up I look up at the sky and I remember who my Father is and I know that I can do hard things.

This week I had my first two street contacts and gave out my first two Books of Mormon. Whoooohooo! I was proud of myself. I realized that what I struggle with the most is that first contact with people. I get way too nervous but Sister Fisher is so amazing at it so I am learning so much from her. She struggles at making good, long lasting relationships which is my strong suit so we are like perfect together. Hahaha We get along all the time and we are always laughing. I honestly am sooo blessed to have such an amazing companion. Just don't know what I would do without her. Actually I have a favor to ask of you and the family. Sister Fisher's bday is November 15th. Her life story is amazing. I am absolutely shocked she is even here after everything she has been through. It is a super personal story and not one for me to share but, simply put, she stood up for her beliefs and protected her sisters from her parents and extended family. She has been actually getting hate mail from uncles and aunts while out here. I had to sit there and watch as she started crying as people who are supposed to be her support system sent her hateful words and cruel sentences for her standing up for what she believes in and being here serving God. So I was wondering if instead of sending me things for my birthday, you and all of our extended family could all send a letter to her. Let her know how proud you are of her and her sacrifice and let her know that even though we are not family...we are there to support her. Last P day when we left the computers she said quietly "My mom didn't even send me anything." She has been out for three months. It would mean the world to her if she were to receive support from a loving family even if it isn't her own. A letter from any grandma or grandpa, yours or not, can make you day out on a mission. Especially a letter from a mom. If you guys could ask for help from anyone to send her a letter for her birthday, that would be awesome! Her name is Sister Fisher. Just use the mission home address. (Note from Jeri: I have already asked her to get me Sister Fisher's first name as we are supposed to address all mail using first names too.)

So, the first Book of Mormon that I handed out was to this lady. We were just coming out from a dinner with a member and this lady was down the street. She couldn't get her car to start so we ran over to see if she needed help because she had ran out of gas in the middle of the road. Luckily, it wasn't very busy. We asked what we could do to help and she asked if we had a few dollars and asked if we could drive her to the gas station. Well, we can't drive people in our car so we offered to take the gas can and go fill it up and bring it back to her. So we went and I used that $20 you gave me right before I left, Mom! It came in handy, huh? We brought her the gas and she was able to fill up enough to drive to a gas station. But when we came back with the gas I shared a little message with her and gave her our phone number and a Book of Mormon. She was the sweetest! She was this big black lady and she kept saying "God bless you". Oh, she was awesome and she said she would give us a call after she has surgery and that we can come visit her in the hospital! Isn't that so exciting?! After that, I just wanted to stop everybody on the street and give them a Book of Mormon. Haha

So, sad part of my week. We have an investigator named Stephen. I love Stephen. We shouldn't have favorites but he is my favorite. Stephen has a lot of problems related to drugs. He is a little slower and his body is falling apart and he is only 26 but is just the sweetest and has so much faith. I can relate to him because he feels like he can never be good enough for God to forgive him. I've been there. We invited him to be baptized on October 12th and he said yes!! We were so excited we were jumping up and down. It was just a great experience. But, during weekly planning we went over all the steps you have to take in order for someone to be baptized and we realized there might be some complications because Stephen has been to jail. We had to ask him what he went to jail for and he went to jail for dealing and possession of drugs and for breaking and entering and for interfering with a police officer three years ago. So, unfortunately, we have to send a letter to Salt Lake to get it approved first. That means Stephen can't get baptized this week. We have to tell him tomorrow but I was devastated and I was just upset. My amazing companion said "We have to do everything according to God's timing and not ours. There must be a reason why Stephen has to wait." It really humbled me. This is God's work, not mine. He knows what is needed when and I need to learn to leave everything in his hands.

Today for P day we are going to the basilica, Mom! I know you would love to hear this. Apparently, there is a super famous basilica here in St. Louis that is just amazing. So, we are going with the other two sets of elder in our ward. It is my district leaders bday so we are celebrating his birthday too. Haha. We get to ride the Metro. I am excited because Sister Fisher hasn't ever ridden a Metro and sisters aren't allowed to ride it unless they are with elders because it's dangerous or something. I am freaking stoked.

I hope you all listened to Conference. Remember members and missionaries alike must work together to bring the gospel to the world. We cannot do this without you. Help as much as possible. Everything you do to help the missionaries in our ward is a blessing to all missionaries everywhere including me. Don't be afraid to share the gospel. I thought it would be easier to have a badge but actually you sharing your testimony without a badge is more powerful than any full time missionary. Trust me, investigators look up to you and your examples. We are a part of church history! We need to do everything we can to help the work move along.

The motto I have been living by out here on my mission is this:

Faith and fear cannot reside in the same place. So starve your fears and feed your faith.

Faith, not fear!!

Love you all so much-

Sister Lundskog

P.S. Ya, I forgot to tell you. It rained this week. haha It was weird cause when it is about to be rainy and stormy here it gets really hot. So it was hot and rainy (ish) all week and then all of the sudden on Sunday it was freezing. Just out of nowhere and it smelled like snow. But, we watched General Conference at the stake center and pretty much the only people there were missionaries but we had a blast. We all got together in between the Saturday sessions and made French toast, biscuits and gravy, and sausage and ate it together. Then on Sunday a member from some other area fed ALL of 16 missionaries....haha. They are super rich and live in a mansion so don't feel bad for them. It was hard on Saturday and Sunday cause there was too much down time and I got homesick.

Corinne's first day in MTC with first companion, Sister Rouse
Corinne with Sister Rouse and Elders at Provo Temple
St. Louis bound sister missionaries at Provo Temple
Corinne's MTC district
Corinne with Sister Fisher at their quote wall in their apartment in St. Louis
Corinne's first apartment in St. Louis
Sister Missionaries sleep in style by the air conditioning unit
Lunch with Sister Fisher

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