Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"He Makes Weak Things Strong"

Dear Family-

So I am just gonna write you and then read these letters after because I don't know how much time I have and I have a lot to say.

First off, being called "Sister Lundskog" is a huge adjustment. haha

You're probably going to get a letter that I wrote to you on Friday but just mailed it only so you can understand how my emotions seem to change every day. Friday I was having a hard time. Yet I am happy. So first off I probably have lost like 5 pounds from simply not eating. The food is so gross and it makes you sick...haha. So I like don't even know what to tell you! There has been so much happening. You actually teach people here. You have you personal investigator (PI) who is one of your teachers and he just pretends to be a friend of his. The teacher calls and asks him all the questions and do role plays and our PI is named Matt and Matt is from Florida. I want to tell you something about Matt. I LOVE HIM. I love him and I will obviously actually meet him but he needs the gospel in his life so badly. Then you have your TRC. We had our first TRC yesterday. Worst experience of my life! So first off, you don't know if this person is an actor, convert, investigator, less active have no idea. You teach a 45 minute lesson and practice knocking at their home door and everything. It is supposed to be exactly like being in the field. Our investigator's name is Michelle. She is a daughter of God but that was the most demolishing thing I have ever been through. First off, she doesn't believe in Christ and the whole lesson just was awful. I just didn't know exactly what to say and my companion did not help at all. I had to do almost everything.

Oh, so my companion is Sister Rouse. I love her but I have a hard time with her sometimes. She just graduated and turned 19 in August so she is missing the maturity a little. haha But I love her. I have a hard time because it takes her hours to get ready and we are always late. But I love her.

Ummm, so I don't even know what to say. So much has happened it's ridiculous. I feel like I have learned so much that I could just come home and not even go on a mish! So my district is amazing. Hands down the best district in the world. The district is me, Sister Rouse, Sister Vance, Sister Barrett, Sister Hobbs, Elder Campbell, Elder Lukens, Elder Hightower, Elder Clifford, and Elder MacEntire and we are all going to St. Louis. We are super blessed. Elder Lukens is my inspiration. Four years ago he left on his mission to St Louis and came home for health issues and now at 23 he is back out here doing it again. Do you know how much faith and courage that would take to come back? I love him and we all look up to him so much.

Oh, Sister Rouse and I got called as the new Sister Training Leaders. It's the equivalent to zone leader pretty much. But, O my lanta, they gave us the assignment on Thursday when I truly needed it the most. The MTC truly shows how absolutely inadequate you are. I honestly feel so inadequate for this work. It isn't even funny. I am not good at all. The key is to just trust the Spirit, do your best, and he will make up the rest for you. I love the gospel and I love this church. You don't even understand how amazing it is. You have so much love for so many people.

I love you all sooooooo much. Sorry, Mom, you might have to spell check this since I'm typing so fast! haha Please tell the ward that they shouldn't tell people they are going to be an amazing missionary because that totally got shot down. But, I can testify to you that whatever I cannot do the Lord will help me through it. He makes weak things strong. I love this gospel and I honestly can't wait for St. Louis. We leave here at 3:30am next Tuesday! We went to the temple today and I felt so amazing. I love you all.

Oh....side not to Emily Doughty. You need to go to church. I know for a fact that the thing you need in your life is the gospel. You have been on my mind every day since I have been here. I love you and I can testify to you that this gospel will bring you so much joy and happiness. I pray for you every night, Emily. Call up the missionaries and go to church with my family.

Love you-

Sister Lundskog

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