Monday, September 23, 2013

Letting Yourself Change

Dear Family-

Okay, first things first. Thank you for the package. I literally cried when I got homemade cookies. I died I was so happy. Everyone is so nice to me. I am absolutely overly blessed with all the loving friends and family I have. Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary and Uncle Jon and Aunt Kelly have both sent me packages and I can't say thank you because I have no addresses. So could you send me that or their emails or let them know how thankful I am.

Well, I just want to testify to you how important this work absolutely blessed we are. The biggest lesson I have learned being here is that we have the most precious gift on earth. How dare we deny someone the gift of the love of Christ. I never want to deny anyone this amazing gift. It is absolutely crazy how much I have changed, whether I wanted to or not. I am now saying I love you to perfect strangers and I can't even comprehend that! I would never say I love you to anyone haha and you know how much I hate hugs. I'm hugging everyone (well, only girls). It is amazing how much the gospel of Christ can change who you are. I feel so much love and feel so loved at the same time. I am starting to get very anxious to leave. Lots of anxiety but I cannot wait to get going on this amazing journey.

Oh, tell the Bishop I saw Elder Mitton! I saw him night here when I was giving our new district a tour and he looked way happy. We couldn't talk but I found him today and he sounds fantastic.

I don't know how to upload pictures on the MTC computer but I'll try and send some soon.

Oh. When I get to Missouri can I ask you for a huge favor? So those tan shoes you got me with the holes in them gave me the worst blister. Like, I've been in pain for days. So is there anyway you could get me some tan no show socks? That would help so much.

Oh, I am getting sick. It is always cold here. They blast the AC in all the buildings and you hardly ever are outside and I don't have the warmest clothes. It is freezing at night. So I think that and the stress and the fact that I'm having a hard time sleeping has gotten me sick. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and stuffy nose. But, I've been sucking on cough drops. I am okay.

Oh! Our TRC! Our second lesson was amazing. All Michelle needed was a friend to talk to. To feel loved. That's all. It didn't matter what we taught as long as she felt God's love. I love this gospel. It is amazing and I know what I am doing is right. I am gonna be honest; I am not going to miss this place. But, I am going to miss the love and the Spirit here. I know how important this gospel is and this work I am a part of. I can't wait for what is coming next. We went to a devotional and the speaker's wife gave her testimony before he spoke. Something she said really touched me. She said, "Everyday of your mission you will think of home. But, when you do come home, every day for the rest of your life you will think of your mission." I know this will be true. I know it is hard to change. It is so hard to look at a stranger and tell them I love you or trust a companion you have only known for 10 days. You go through life and things make you who you are and it is so hard to let that go. To let yourself change. But, I have felt so blessed. You know how I hate to ask for help and I have had to really let that go. That is so hard! But, last night I finally asked for a blessing and it took so much courage to admit I needed help. But it was exactly what I needed. God let me know I can trust Him. That's how I am changing. I am trusting, I am believing, and I have the authority and power to be the best missionary in the Lord's hands. I love you and miss you with all my heart.

Get ready St. Louis cause here we come at 3:30am! The church is true, go be awesome!

Love you all family-

Sister Lundskog

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  1. I would like to say I LOVE that Corinne is hugging :) I worked with her at Johnson Mill and she told me this one day while we were working. When I found out she would be going off to college I told her I WILL HUG YOU everyday til you leave because everyone needs a hug :) Well we didnt hug everyday, but I did make her hug alot and you could tell she wasnt a hugger lol I love you Corinne you are such a strong girl that has gone though so much and look at you now! It doesnt matter what you have done only what you are doing <3